Britney Spears tries to hang herself scrawling 666 on her bald head

By Armen Hareyan

Britney Spears broke down in rehab, reportedly trying to hang herself with a bedsheet after screaming “I am the anti-christ” to frightened staff. She made the demonic cry after scrawling the devil’s number “666” across her head.

Britney Spears’s manic behaviour has concerned relatives who once again fear for her safety, and has staff at the Promises Clinic in Malibu, California, struggling to cope.

The former chart-topper’s troubles have been revealed in Britain’s News Of the World, which broke the exclusive story.

Within days of her suicidal behaviour, Britney Spears – who was in and out of rehab before shaving her own head and later attacking a photographer’s car with an umbrella – was begging estranged husband Kevin Federline not only for a reconciliation, but demanding she wanted to soon have another baby.

The ordeal began when she terrified staff by writing the number of the beast on her head and running around the clinic screaming, “I am the anti-christ!”

“The clinic people just didn’t know what to do,” a friend claimed.

The pop star then tried to hang herself with a bedsheet was but was found before she could hurt herself.

Spears, who hid her recently-sheared head under a brown wig and hat when she left Malibu’s Promises treatment centre to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, shocked onlookers by revealing the strange doodles all over the backs of her hands.

Flowers and the word Push could be made out among the scribbles.

A smiling Britney met photographers and an eyewitness described the troubled mother-of-two as “relaxed and in good spirits”.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that Britney, 25, was battling alcohol and drugs after the star’s behaviour became increasingly erratic, Herald Sun reports.

Justin Timberlake and Pink are among the stars who have secretly been reaching out to show their support to Britney Spears as the pop singer battles substance abuse in rehab.

Friends claim Timberlake left a personal message for his ex-girlfriend after calling the Promises treatment centre in Malibu, California last week.

A pal tells America’s Life & Style magazine: “He wished her the best and told her to get healthy and come back as the Britney he knew.” And Timberlake has asked Spears’ mother Lynn to keep him updated with the Toxic singer’s progress.

Pink and Mary J Blige have also called Promises to leave messages for Britney Spears, who, under the centre’s rules, isn’t allowed to receive phone calls during her stay, reports.