Blood Sacrifice at Aurora & The London Olympics

By Systembuster111

This is Sandra Barr’s blog about the significance of the Aurora massacre tied to the Olympics, she also ties in the Toronto Shopping Mall shooting. Fantastic info with links. The best I have read so far surrounding this deeply occultic event. Over this last year I have been researching the London Olympics and their deeply occult nature.

Many people are now waking up to the fact that these seemingly unconnected random killings, are in fact well staged ritualistic sacrifices carried out by hapless victims either under mind control or hypnotized.

The 4 primary Egyptian deities were Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. Their initials spell SION, and if you take all the letters that make up their collective names, without repeating letters, you get “Hypnotizer”.

One way or another the devotees of the ancient Gods and Goddess have strived to keep us all under a spell, hypnotized into believing what they want us to believe, and doing what they want us to do.