‘Cannibal’ arrested for chopping mother into ‘thousands of pieces’ and sharing with dog

A 26-year-old man has been arrested by Spanish police after confessing to killing his mother and chopping up her body into more than 1,000 pieces before eating some of her remains.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez confessed to the brutal slaying of his 66-year-old mother, Maria Soledad Gomez, after detectives came to his Madrid apartment enquiring about the woman who had been missing for a month, reports Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Sanchez reportedly confessed to killing and dismembering his mother, cooking parts of her body and disposing of her organs in the bin. The horrifying confession led police to the grim discovery of the woman’s partial remains in six large tupperware boxes.

The police revealed details of the grisly case as it announced Gomez’s arrest on Facebook. The former waiter also reportedly admitted eating his parent’s cooked remains as well as feeding some to his pet dog. The gruesome details were revealed on Saturday as Sanchez appeared before a magistrate court.

“The pieces are so small that it will be almost impossible to discover how he killed her. A lot of time has passed and the body is quite deteriorated,” a police source said to El Pais. The body has been transported to the Forensic Anatomical Institute for an autopsy.