Carol Paul: Election fraud confirmed

By Jeffrey Phelps

Carol Paul breaks her silence and tells a WTPN activist that half of Ron Paul’s votes are being thrown away during a post-AZ GOP debate viewing party appearance backstage.

The normally very quiet, Carol Paul, wife of Republican GOP candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, was seen here on tape blaming election fraud as the culprit behind some of Ron Paul’s caucus losses in the 2012 race for the Republican nomination.

After last week’s Presidential debate, an activist for the “We the People Network” found a way through security to make it backstage, just prior to a scheduled speech Ron Paul was due to make at the New Life Bible Church in Mesa, AZ, minutes after the final GOP debate on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Little did the activist know that simply finding a way to talk with Mr. and Mrs. Paul backstage would turn into such a potentially huge story, with Mrs. Paul coming forward, without being prompted, to explain her thoughts on the final results of some of the caucuses that have taken place during the campaign season.

To the average Ron Paul supporter, gaining access to speak in person with the Congressman and his family on video is one thing, but what ensued may have instead turned into quotes by Carol Paul that could very well end up being an international story for both the activist and the Ron Paul campaign.

After finding out the activist was a member of the “We the People Network” Mrs. Paul must have felt more comfortable and began openly talking about her own views on how the votes have been counted thus far, in the caucus states in particular, hoping to somehow get someone to help the Pauls expose vast election theft taking place in many of the state elections.

Becoming too loud about total rampant US election hijacking actually taking place, however, could be very dangerous for the Paul campaign, possibly giving the establishment’s media ammunition to use against Paul, in order to further cement the Ron Paul conspiracy “theorist” paradigm they’ve tried to instill into public debate since he first ran for President back in 1988.

Exclaiming her displeasure with the amount of votes that vote-counters are allowing Ron Paul to receive, Mrs. Paul told the WTPN activist, “They throw out half of the votes,” referring to the unfolding national election fraud scandals surfacing across the country, as the race itself continues to unfold.

Mrs. Paul went on to say, “They said, well, they just wrote them on paper, and they can’t recount them, so they just threw them out.”

Mrs. Paul was simply noting facts about the blatancy of the establishment’s efforts to quell any potential candidacy momentum that would have likely happened from obvious wins that were simply stolen from Paul, through open election fraud, in many of the caucus states.

The biggest momentum theft thus far likely being Iowa’s Caucus.

Stealing Iowa from Paul was like stealing guaranteed momentum from a victory that would have likely been tough for the other candidates to overcome.

As it turns out, stealing Iowa instead gave that momentum largely to Romney, then some to Santorum after they were forced to admit mistakes, yet still hiding the real results in favor of Santorum instead.

Nothing can take the place of that initial win, however, and the boost a candidate receives from winning the famous Iowa Caucus has been traditionally huge for any candidacy. The very reason they couldn’t afford to let Paul take the state.

The media would have definitely had to work much harder to get people to believe the most common establishment talking points about Ron Paul, like the one everyone’s heard, “he’s not electable.” Despite the fact he was officially in second place in delegates prior to the Michigan and AZ caucuses,according to Paul and CNN, even picking up a few more on Wednesday in MI.

The most ironic aspect of the situation, however, may be the fact that even though they’ve openly stolen at least 3 caucuses from the Ron Paul campaign and the American people, mostly attempting to give the people the false impression that he isn’t as popular as he actually is, he still continues to poll well enough to threaten winning many of the states, forcing pro-status quo minions to keep openly committing election fraud anyway…a true testament to how popular he truly is and would be if the establishment and it’s media were treating these elections fairly and being honest with the people.

Although it’s unclear as to which state or states Mrs. Paul is referring to in particular, what is clear is that fact that many of the caucus states thus far have turned out such poor performances by state party officials that many of the states are still in question as to who the actual winners truly are.

In Iowa, for instance, 8 precincts from the early January, “First in the Nation” caucus still shows outstanding and permanently unverifiable results, some of which were heavy Ron Paul favorites, as was the case in Nevada.

And while Nevada had very similar circumstances play out there, state party officials in both of those states stepped down in humiliation after each state turned out results that would leave the most sinister of election thieves jealous of the mayhem created by the official election hijackers during this campaign season.

Maine, however, ended up possibly being even worse, if it’s possible that one stolen election can be worse than another, as unable to steal the election outright, like Iowa and Nevada in particular, party officials in Maine simply postponed the entire caucus for an entire week in some counties. Yet still found it necessary to declare Romney the winner that evening, even though it was too close to call with only 84% of the precincts reporting and less than 190 votes seperating the two.

Not only were the postponed counties in Maine likely Ron Paul wins, it also bought more time for pro-establishment party officials to alter the totals before submitting them to the public…just as they did in, at least, Iowa and Nevada.

What’s also clear is that the Paul campaign is aware of the circumstances, and although not yet saying too much about the incredible situation unfolding right under many American’s noses, both Ron Paul and now his wife have stepped up to the plate for the truth about the establishment’s outright willingness to thwart the wishes of the American people.

Ironically, just as that establishment continues to try to sell the deaths of millions of innocent people and soldiers around the world, in the name of “spreading democracy,” those same establishment ‘officials’ here at home are literally taking that democracy and “throwing it away” themselves.