Obama’s White House Compromised : Congressman’s 16 Page Report Outlines Muslim Extremist Infiltration

Congressman Michelle Bachmann-along with several other members of the House of Representatives are calling for an investingation into Foreign influences in the White House from Islamic extremists. The link to the below 16 page report outlines an alarming set of facts that would be shocking to most Americans:


This report  includes the following:

1-Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff Huma Abedin has several family members connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. How did she get security clearance since she has access to sensitive State Department Data.

2-White House Staff have routinely have dealings with various Islamic groups allied with the Muslim Brotherhood.

3-Many of the above groups are intertwined with terrorist organizations

This report is a lengthy and factual response to name calling and outrage against such an investigation by the three Islamic members of Congress and John McCain .

Every American should read this report. Why would Obama have his staff, at the very highest levels, meeting with and/or supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s allied groups in the United States?