Civil Emergency In Area; Take Shelter Now.. A Text From U.S Government!

This is BREAKING News! @R32Freddie on Twitter has brought to my attention a text message he received along with many other people in New Jersey… This is the exact message that was sent to Verizon Wireless Customers: “Civil Emergency In This Area Until 1:24PM EST Take Shelter Now U.S Government ” Now the weird thing is that the message didn’t say “This is a Test” anywhere in the message and it also expires Jan 12, 2012!? Now There hasn’t been much coverage on this text message. After watching the news, they said: “We cannot confirm if the text message was a hoax but we will keep you updated” Right after that broadcast, it went straight to a commercial.. Could something really be happening or did someone happen to hack into the system and send out this message to scare people? Here are some quotes from people on twitter:


Did anyone else on Verizon just get “Extreme Alert” message? Someone else here & I just did. “Civil Emergency in this area take shelter now”


Just got a “civil emergency, take shelter now” text from the “U.S Govern” if this is some kinda joke, you’re a sicko and you’re weird. Stop.


Mass texts about an emergency and take shelter now?!?!? WTF


Emergency government life alert on two phones went off in math to take shelter…what’s happening?

Those are only a few quotes from twitter users.. You can look on your Facebook page or search on Twitter and see if more people are getting these messages.. The weird thing is I didn’t get one of these messages? After looking on google, I found one college claiming this text as a hoax. (Link) How can be so sure? I also came across this post on Godlikeproductions: “the lady at Verizon said it’s a legitimate message from local gov. but she didn’t know why it was issued. So far there seems to be nothing happening, so I have no idea why i got this alert. Only reaon i can think of is because im in the NY/NJ area and NYC always gets terror alerts, plus Obama is speaking right now?? I have no idea, but it really freaked me out. Still wondering what prompted this and if i should pick up my daughter from school. Why would they send a message like this and scare the crap out of people if nothing is going on???” (GLP Link)

People are now saying it’s a android virus… But that can’t be true because one of my friends that got it, has an iphone.. And the weird thing is that I have an android on Verizon and I never received a message! Here is another update from a GLP member:

“I got the same message at 12:26 PM accompanied by a very loud noise. I called Verizon and they said that it sounded legitimate but that they have no record of an alert being sent from them. I am in the Belmar, NJ area. Wanted to add that my GPS was turned off on my phone at the time…”

Picture Of The Text Message

I also find it weird that a couple days before, A big rumble was felt throughout New Jersey.. Coincidence? Here is the Link for the Earthquake Type Event... Now NJ new stations are reporting on this text: New Jersey State Police says it is looking into the matter. Also here is a Facebook discussion on this text. So is this all a HOAX? Or is something really happening? Ill update this post when more information becomes available! Comment below if you have more information..

Update 5:02PM 12/12: Verizon Says Text Was Only A Test So now it’s confirmed that the text message was not a hack within the system! Why didn’t Verizon put this is a test within the text message, instead of scaring everyone who received the message? @ihatematt on twitter has sent me an image which shows an EAS test on TV’s in NY.. So is something happening and no one is saying anything or something is about happen and they are getting ready for it! Ill update this as I find more information..

Update 5:33PM 12/12: I found this very strange video which was captured right around 1:30PM Eastern Time and it was right around when this text message said to take-cover… CNBC Whispers “Because he know’s the time is short.” Hmm… I found this very weird and creepy when I heard this video!! Here is the link You can view it within the site once you click on the link.. Is this some kind of message???