‘Crazy, methane-based’ alien life could exist on Titan’s surface

A NASA planetary scientist tasked with discovering life in our photo voltaic system’s ‘Ocean Worlds’ has put ahead the concept an odd type of alien life lives on Titan, the Earth-like moon that revolves round Saturn.

Dr Amanda Hendrix, the co-lead of the NASA Roadmaps to Oceans World Group, stated her program could symbolize the best probability of discovering alien life in our photo voltaic system, and he or she believes Titan could be their finest shot.

We want to know whether or not these oceans are liveable and, in that case, whether or not these oceans truly host life,” she informed the Express.

Saturn’s moon is the second largest in your complete photo voltaic system and is residence to surface liquid and mud storms. Hendrix claims that Titan’s circumstances make it a powerful contender for internet hosting life and, whereas she doesn’t consider there are “aliens with inexperienced heads swimming round in there,” the scientist stated she does assume the ocean worlds could harbor some “easy lifeforms.

Titan is a really distinctive ocean world as a result of it has each an ocean on the subsurface and it additionally has liquid hydrocarbon lakes on the surface,” the scientist defined.

So there could be some loopy type of methane-based life proper there on Titan’s surface.”

Aside from Titan, there are at the least two extra worlds that could play host to a type of life. These different contenders are Enceladus, the sixth-largest moon of Saturn, and Europa, the smallest of the 4 Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter.

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