Corrugated pipe ‘Doomsday’ bunker priced at $59,900

By Julie Broughton

Could a “Doomsday Bunker” protect your family in case of disaster? One local business thinks so and is offering tours of an Atlas corrugated pipe shelter.

Al’s Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs is selling a 32×10-foot shelter. The unit is designed to go 20 feet underground, and can offer protection from hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters.

“We love to call it the fear factor — just kind of preparing for something. They can’t put a finger on it, whatever may or may not happen,” said Jeremy Ross, the store’s assistant manager.

The shelter looks a lot like a studio apartment. Bunk beds line the walls, and offer extra storage underneath. You’ll find a flat-screen TV, couch and full kitchen in the living area. It even has an escape hatch.

“So if your attacker is coming through the front door, you can go out the back,” said customer Brian Gilmore.

Ross says the shelter is getting a lot of interest, and while no one has ordered one, he says they’ve received several serious inquiries.

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