College Paying Pregnant Mothers To Smoke Drugs To See How Damaging It Is to Baby’s Brain

A brand new experiment on the University of Washington can pay moms to smoke marijuana whereas pregnant to later measure its results on their infants at 6 months of age.

And taxpayers will assist pay for it — to the tune of $190,000.

While the thought on its face appears reckless and wildly harmful, the said goal of the experiment makes just a little sense — if you may get over the truth that it’ll probably hurt infants who didn’t ask to be half of some pay-to-smoke program.

The official description of the challenge explains that the rise in each decriminalization and efficiency of marijuana over the previous 30 years warrants additional finding out the results of marijuana use throughout being pregnant.

The challenge will contain 70 moms — half will use prescribed drugs to fight morning illness and the the opposite half will smoke marijuana for a similar goal.

The moms will every obtain $300 for his or her participation.

The infants will endure mind scans after they attain six months of age to establish any doable impacts and dangers of drug publicity, together with the event of mind issues.

“The very few investigations that have studied prenatal cannabis exposure and infant brain development have all involved women who are polysubstance drug users,” stated Dr. Natalia Kleinhans, one of many supervisors of the examine.

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