Cruise ship in distress off Norway’s coast, 900+ still waiting to be evacuated

More than 900 people and crew are still aboard the Viking Sky cruise ship over 18 hours since it sent out a mayday signal following engine failure off Norway’s rocky western coast. Passengers posted dramatic photos from inside.

The rescue team managed to restart three of the vessel’s four engines on later Sunday morning and currently the ship is being towed to the port city of Molde. Two tugs are following it, one in front, one behind.

Some people sustained injuries, and three of them are serious. Seventeen people have been hospitalized, according to local authorities. 

Videos from passengers posted on social media show chairs and other furniture, as well as a piano, sliding back and forth across the floor as the ship is rocked from side to side due to stormy weather.

The ship was traveling from Bergen, Norway to London. It requested emergency help on Saturday as it started to drift towards the rocky western coast of Norway following the engine failure.

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