Why can’t you say “Tavistock” on Godlike Productions?

Via Conspiracy Headquarter News:

I’ve been hearing rumours for a few months now that Godlike Productions has a “banned words” list that will result in you being blocked from reading the website should you decide to use one.

While I fully expect certain keywords to result in you unable to make a posting on the site, but I have never heard of a site that bans you 100% for using said words.

As well, there are only 2 keywords that I know that are blocked… “Alex Jones” and “Tavistock”. (editor: acutally 3 keywords… disclose.tv, too AFAIK).  Thinking this may just be an urban legend, I wanted to put it to the test.

I opened up my browser and headed over to Godlike Productions.  To ensure that I wasn’t already banned (which does happen sometimes) I commented on a few posts.

Then I spy a post from the form administrator.  The admin goes by the name “Trinity” and is one of the 2 main administrators.  The post was entitled “A Heart Felt Thank You To All Participants On This Website!” where Trinity thanks the visitors of GLP.

Thinking that this would be a perfect place to test my theory, I typed in the following comment:

“I never knew it would be so much fun hanging with the guys from Tavistock”

And then hit the submit button.  The screen flashed and suddenly I was greeted with the following message:


If you have an upgraded account you are immune to bans while logged in. Please log in now to browse the site.

If you have a free account you may also log in now and upgrade your account to get immunity from bans.

If you still don’t have an account you may create an account now and then upgrade it to get past bans (and get access to other exclusive features).

Thank you for not stalking!

So why would GLP be banning people for using the words Tavistock? Mind control and culture creation are big subjects in the alternative media and Tavistock is at the head of those operations.

Is this just a way for GLP to create buzz in the community?  If you ban certain words, like Tavistock, the visitors of the forums will spread that all around the Internet while calling you disinformation.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t see “truth or false”.  They only see that links are being feed back into GLP, thus GLP must be popular.  Now Google will rank GLP pages higher because they have more “authority” due to the back-links.

Thinking this was all a bit strange, I decided to see if I could find out who owns GLP and then I could maybe gauge if they are brilliant marketers or full on COINTELPRO.

As I’ve done with most of my investigations, I started this one without a conclusion in my head.   I really wanted to believe that this was just some smart viral marketing campaign by GLP to help bring in hits and advertising dollars.  But what I found made me really nervous.

So nervous, in fact, that I’m considering not publishing this article as I write it.   Sticking your nose at Intelligence Operations can make you ended up hanging yourself with your hands tied behind your back, but I must continue on.

The people have the right to know.

After some digging, and lots and lots of web-speculation, I believe I may have the answer on who actually owns GLP.

Come to find out Trinity’s real name is J. L. (changed by editor) and is located in Florida.  J. is one of the principal people behind a company known as “C2 Media” which is a spyware company.  This was proven by the following documents submitted to the FTC on a presentation by Mr. Lucas regarding spyware.

FTC Public Workshop: “Monitoring Software On Your PC: Spyware, Adware, And Other Software” April 19, 2004 ( http://www.ftc.gov/os/comments/spyware/040312lucas.pdf )

Not long after, it seems Mr. J. L. was drafted by the US intelligence community and became Deputy Director of  a “data mining” for the Department of Defense’s Joint Task force.

In fact, the more you dig on Mr. J. L. and his business partner, Alex Shamash, you can see they are involved in all the “dirty” technologies on the Internet (aka Spyware, Adware, Malware, etc).

You can trace C2 Media (and their offset company Lop.com, who is well known for their massive spyware campaigns) by just searching through older computer magazines online.

If you want to know more about J. L. and Alex Shamash, please read this article.


A Dark Conclusion?

It is the users choice on what sites they visit, but they should be informed of what those sites are monitoring.

In fact, here at Disclose.tv, you can easily see our “Privacy Policy” by clicking the link in the footer menu bar. We do use cookies to help personalize the users experience, but everything tracked is 100% anonymous.

GLP on the other hand immediately does a port scan of your computer when you connect to their website.  This gives the operators plenty of information about you, your computer and what software or holes in security you may have.

Why would a site that is so entrenched in the alternative media track your moves, scan your computer and know exactly who you are when you connect to their site?

( via conspiracyhq.com)