CBS Training People How to Handle Loved Ones Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

The new narrative now against conspiracy theorists as reported on CBS news. Who want’s to rip families apart for the greater control of your mind and thoughts:

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide has led to widespread speculation and theories about how he died. The disgraced financier’s body was found inside his Manhattan jail cell over the weekend. One source tells CBS News Epstein hanged himself. Psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why people continue to be fascinated by conspiracy theories.

Air Date: Aug 13, 2019
Watch the propaganda video on the MSM.

Now they will use every excuse to ruin the alternative media because of these conspiracies and general online chat which they don’t want and need control over… It’s just funny how some people buy into the MSM bullshit propaganda. It’s true some people can’t be awoken and some will follow the maser plan. Just wake your family members up because we need everyone to know the true deception.