Cold War ‘nuclear coffin’ leaking radioactive waste from US tests into Pacific Ocean

An enormous concrete dome constructed through the Cold War to include waste from US Nuclear testing has degraded and commenced leaking nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has confirmed.

While the imposing construction at Enewetak Atoll within the Marshall Islands could appear to be one thing from a James Bond film, Guterres described it as a “sort of coffin:” a stern reminder of the aftermath of American atomic weapons testing.

The soil irradiated by the tests and ash from the fallout had been dumped into a crater which was then capped with 18 inches of concrete, measures that have proved ineffective at containing the waste in the long term. The backside of the crater was reportedly by no means lined in any respect.

Guterres confirmed the disturbing info whereas talking to college students in Fiji as part of a tour of the South Pacific specializing in local weather change and environmental points. The leakage, in accordance with Guterres, has already begun to have its impact.

The penalties have been fairly dramatic, in relation to well being, in relation to the poisoning of waters in some areas.

Aside from getting used to retailer the damaging atomic waste, Guterres mentioned how the Pacific had been victimized whereas underneath US administration. The islands and atolls far off the south east coast of Japan resembling Enewetak had been the websites of 67 American nuclear weapons tests that took place between 1946-58.

One such take a look at was the 1954 ‘Bravo’ hydrogen bomb, which stays probably the most highly effective US-tested atomic weapon. Its explosion was 1,000 occasions larger than the atomic bombs used on Japan.

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