Dorner case: Women shot by cops still don’t have truck promised by LAPD

6a00d8341c630a53ef017ee85cb1e4970d-640wi Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck so far hasn’t come through on a promise to provide a new truck for two women injured by officers in pursuit of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner, an attorney for the women said Monday.

Beck last month pledged to provide the truck to Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, who were delivering newspapers in Torrance when LAPD officers riddled their blue Toyota Tacoma with bullets. Dorner was believed to be driving a gray Nissan Titan.

Hernandez was shot twice in the back, and Carranza sustained injuries from broken glass.

Beck called the truck shooting “a tragic misinterpretation” by officers working under “incredible tension” hours after Dorner allegedly shot police officers. He promised to provide a truck from a donor regardless of potential litigation by the women.

But Glen Jonas, an attorney for the woman, said the women are still without a truck.

“After they shot my clients … this broken promise of a truck donation and the nonsense that followed is a slap in the face,” Jonas said.

Jonas said the women were first offered a used truck, then a non-four-wheel drive Ford to replace their Toyota four-wheel drive vehicle. The women also had to agree not to sell it for a year. His clients agreed to that truck, he said.

But then the dealership and LAPD officials said the truck would be considered a prize for tax purposes, Jonas said.

“Essentially, they’d have to pay taxes like they won it on a game show,” Jonas said. Jonas said what makes the situation all the more difficult is that the women haven’t been able to work since being injured during the shooting.

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