Domestic Event: 10 – 14 Days – All DHS, FEMA Agencies Activated: The Hawk

According to ‘The Hawk’ from Steve Quayle’s Survive2Thrive radio network and Hawks FEMA/DHS sources, FEMA called an emergency meeting this week in which it has notified the heads of all of its agencies to be ’90% battle strength’ in the next 5 weeks, 70% strength within 7 days and notified him that all agency personel are now being called in and activated. Additionally, Hawk’s sources warn to expect some type of a ‘domestic event’ within 10 to 14 days with lots of ‘chatter’ surrounding July 3rd. The ‘meat’ of this report begins at the 4 minute, 45 second mark in this video after Hawk reads some verses from the Bible that he feels are pertinent to the situation unfolding in America today.

Is this report from Hawk good intelligence or something totally astray? Watching everything unfolding in Amerikkka today, nothing is beyond the point of belief any longer. We should take this information with a grain of salt and know that time is ticking and the goal of these ‘elitists’ all along was to collapse America; what makes us think that they won’t accomplish their mission? Especially watching all the events unfolding in our country every day. If Hawk and his sources are wrong, we’re another day more prepared than we were the day before with another day to live our lives, working to make our world a better place.