Mass Animal Deaths of 2010

The mass animal die-off conspiracy got popular once reports of dead birds were falling from the sky.. However that wasn’t the first case of these mysterious deaths; but there was a lot more reports that dated back to late 2009. So I decided to make a list of this mysterious die-offs..This problem will eventually work it’s way up the food chain.. Many people claim that HAARP is doing this damage to the ecosystem but we can’t be 100% positive.. Governments across the globe have been covering up this subject and they don’t want you to know the truth. People have been trying to find the cause of death but they haven’t made any discoveries! Below ill include a lot of different information that will show you that this is more than a random event! It’s happening across the globe to all different kinds of animals and if we don’t find a solution soon; we could be the next victims! This list is only from 2009 and 2010… To view the 2011 list please go here

11/6/09 – 50,000 starfish found on Irish beach.

Extreme weather conditions have killed tens of thousands of starfish and left them strewn across a sheltered beach.

A carpet of pink and mauve echinoderms, a family of marine animals, appeared yesterday morning on Lissadell Beach in north Co Sligo.

The adult starfish, measuring between 7cm and 20cm in diameter and estimated to be up to 50,000 in number, stretched along 150 metres of the strand.

Marine biologist and lecturer at Sligo Institute of Technology Bill Crowe speculated that they had been lifted up by a storm while feeding on mussel beds off shore.

“The most likely explanation is that they were feeding on mussels but it is a little strange that none of them were attached to mussels when they were washed in,” he said.

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3/29/10 – Largest Whale die-off on record.

Mass death among baby right whales has experts scrambling to figure out the puzzle behind the largest great whale die-off on record.

Observers have found 308 dead whales in the waters around Peninsula Valdes along Argentina’s Patagonian Coast since 2005. Almost 90 percent of those deaths represent whale calves less than 3 months old, and the calf deaths make up almost a third of all right whale calf sightings in the last five years.

“This is the single largest die-off event in terms of numbers and in relation to population size and geographic range,” said Marcela Uhart, a medical veterinarian with the Wildlife Conservation Society. She represents an associate director in Latin America for the WCS Global Health Program.

To get to the bottom of the baby-whale mystery, the scientific committee of the International Whaling Commission convened an urgent meeting this month at a workshop in Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

Only a few clues have emerged so far regarding the cause of death, such as unusually thin layers of blubber on some dead calves. Whale calves typically have lower chances of survival during their first year of life, but the high rate of death at Peninsula Valdes is unique.

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4/20/10 – Locust swarm Australia. (Video)

5/28/10 – Millions of frogs swarm Greece. (Video)

5/28/10 – 12,000 Saiga Antelope in Kazakhstan.

A mystery disease has killed more than 10,000 saiga antelope in Kazakhstan.

Conservationists are warning that the mass deaths could spell disaster for the saiga, which is already an endangered species.

The figure could account for up to a quarter of the global population of the species.

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7/15/10 – Millions of Shellfish & Dolphins beaching daily on Pakistan beaches.(Video)

12/17/10 – Dead fish wash up on Washington Beach Park in Michigan City, Indiana

Various fish have washed up on a local park due to the recent winter storm.

According to our reporting partners at the Elkhart Truth, frozen gobies, trout, crayfish, and mudpuppies have been washing up on the beach along Washington Park .

Indiana DNR biologists think the storm and the massive waves washed the fish onto the beach.

Most fish move to deeper water in the winter where the water is warmer, however the fish now on the shore were not able to do that before the storm hit.

The National Weather Service says wind gusts reached 40 miles per hour during that storm.

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12/19/10 – 1000’s of dead fish found floating on the surface of a small lake inside Sydney Airport

THOUSANDS of dead fish have been found floating on the surface of a small lake inside Sydney Airport.

Authorities were still trying to determine the cause of the fish kill in North Pond yesterday.

The pond is on the northern boundary of the airport 600 metres from the domestic terminals and close to the area where Qantas maintains and repairs aircraft.
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The oval-shaped pond, which is about 300 metres long and 150 metres at its widest point, receives water from the Cooks River, via the Alexandra Canal at St Peters.

The fish were found on Friday before a clean-up and testing procedures were ordered.

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12/20/10 and 11/22/10 – Mutilated pelicans washing up at Topsail Island, North Carolina

Over the past two weeks more than two dozen dead brown pelicans have been found washed ashore Topsail Island with malicious injuries. Others have been found alive but with horrific injuries to their wings.

Toni O’Neil of the Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary says the birds were fat and healthy but had had their wings cut.

“Where the wing goes and right smack through the middle where the tendon goes across that allows them to fly, the tendon was cut,” said O’Neil.

The sanctuary received two pelicans last weekend with wing injuries. Due to the severity of the injuries, the birds had to be put to sleep. O’Neil says some people might be injuring the pelicans to prevent them from catching fish.

“Sometimes the pelicans can be a bit of a nuisance going after fish like that. Most people tolerate it or flip them a fish here and there to chase them away. Other people resent it and that that they’re taking all the fish in the ocean and you gotta get rid of the pelicans,” said O’Neil.

People walking along the beach say seeing a bird maliciously injured is heart breaking.

“They’re such a necessary creature and they’re beautiful. They’re part of our landscape here and if somebody is doing that intentionally, I think that is cruel and very very mean,” says Carol Talbot, a North Topsail Beach resident.

Brown Pelicans are a protected species and Wildlife Resources Officers are investigating the deaths.

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12/23/10 – 1000’s of starfish and jellyfish wash up on Palms Beach in South Carolina.

Temperatures are on pace to make this December one of the coldest on record. That frigid weather is taking its toll on sea life along the coast.

Isle of Palms beaches are littered with dead sea life.

“We saw just hundreds of starfish as we were walking along the beach laying on top of each other, little ones, big ones,” said Patti Normile, who noticed the dead animals while walking at the beach at the Isle of Palms.

“Numerous starfish, jellyfish, all dead unfortunately washed up on shore,” said Colleen Yelm, who also noticed the dead animals while walking at the beach at the Isle of Palms.

Many of the starfish and jellyfish washed up several days ago and marine biologists say that cold weather this month may be to blame.

“Most of our animals off our coastline are temperate, so they can handle midrange to warm water,” said Tim Handsel, marine biologist and director of husbandry at Ripley’s Aquarium.

Besides starfish and jellyfish, popular fishing favorites may also be at risk because of the frigid waters along our coast.

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12/25/10 – 2 miles of beach full of fish, clams, and crabs on a Scarborough beach in Italy.

A massacre of fish, clams and crabs: is this the scenario that made the beach in Scarborough on Monday morning. The remains of animals, some still dying, were lying in two parallel rows almost two kilometers long, in a stretch of coast near the industrial area of ​​the town, where there are chemical plants and incinerators. One thing that made the environmentalists scream “ecological disaster”. The observations and analysis by the authorities started immediately. Arpat and provincial police took samples of water samples and collected clams, mullet and shellfish, some others died in agony, for analysis of Pisa and the Istituto Zooprofilattico determine the cause of the memory.

According to preliminary reports, many of these molluscs have died in Santo Stefano with many fish, especially mullet. Clams (the animal most affected by this memory) however have stalled on Monday morning, along with crabs and flatfish. A no rescue attempts were used by some men to sea on the spot. “I saw that were still breathing and I discarded. – Gaggioli says Franco, the guardian of a marine structure present in that stretch – but my attempt was in vain, since the clams came back on the beach. Seemed to reject the sea. ”

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12/26/10 – Thousands of dead fish in lake Azuei, Haiti

Haitian authorities were planning Sunday to ban consumption of fish from a lake on the border with the Dominican Republic where scores of dead fish have been found dead in recent days.

“Abnormal numbers of dead fish have been found in the waters and on the shores of Lake Azuei,” Michel Chancy, a government state secretary, told reporters.

“It could be due to water poisoning, but there are also other hypotheses.”

Officials from the Haitian government were on location trying to determine the exact cause of the problem, he said.

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12/28/10 – 70 bats found dead in Tuscon, Arizona

Nearly 70 bats have been found dead in Tucson and Arizona Game and Fish officials are searching for answers.

One possibility is unseasonably warm temperatures in the city.

Game and Fish officials say the bats are Mexican free-tailed and should have migrated to Mexico two months ago.

The Arizona Daily Star says a man walking his dog Monday morning discovered the bat carcasses. They were strewn across a walking path that runs under a bridge on East Speedway where the road crosses the Pantano Wash.

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12/31/10 – 150 tons of tilapias died in fish farms in Vietnam.

More than 150 tonnes of red tilapias have died en masse in the past week in Cao Lanh District in the southern province of Dong Thap, resulting in losses of VND35 billion (S$2.2 million) for aquaculture farmers.

Red tilapias are the world’s most popular farmed fish. They are fast growing and low in mercury.

The dead fish were being raised by 41 households along the Can Lo River. It was the first time such a disaster has occurred.

“Tests on the fish and water samples reveal the deaths were caused by frequent ebb tides and the high densities of fish kept caged in pens,” said Vu Thi Nhung, head of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment’s Environmental Protection Division.

The tests were conducted by the department and Can Tho University. Nhung added that ebb tides created high amounts of organic substances in the water, which helped make oxygen levels below regulated levels.

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12/31/10 – Unusual fish kill found in Annapolis, Maryland.

Some Bay Ridge residents were taking a peaceful walk along the community beach when they stumbled upon a disturbing site — a large fish kill. Similar sights were reported to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), who oversees the investigation of fish kills throughout the state, on Dec. 29 in Calvert County near Calvert Cliffs.

According to Chris Luckett of the MDE, additional fish kills were reported along the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, including in Bay Ridge and along the beach at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis. The good news is that the fish apparently died of natural causes from “cold stress” and not from disease or pollution, as some people feared.

“There are tens of thousands, perhaps more,” said Luckett, when describing the number of dead fish that have been identified as spot.

When the water temperature begins to decrease in the fall, spot move to deeper waters or the ocean. Luckett said it’s not the first time a large fish kill has happened and cited an incident in 1978 where about 15 million of the same species died.

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