Dorner manhunt: Suspect still barricaded in cabin after killing deputy in shootout


Former LAPD officer and suspected killer Christopher Dorner has barricaded himself in a cabin in a wooded area around 80 miles from Los Angeles. The cabin is ablaze, though authorities have not confirmed what caused the fire.

Law enforcement agents surrounded the cabin and were throwing smoke bombs in a bid to lure the suspect out. Dorner was reportedly responding with a similar tactic in order to elude authorities and try to escape.

It is still unknown what caused the fire, but there were reports of explosions inside the building as authorities exchanged shots with the suspect.

The police chased Dorner through the woods of Big Bear to the cabin, where he barricaded himself after a shootout that wounded at least two officers. One of the deputies was airlifted to a hospital and later died, while the other is currently undergoing a surgery and is expected to survive.

As the operation intensifies, authorities have asked the media to discontinue their live aerial broadcast and withhold from tweeting live updates from the scene.

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