Proof of Alien DNA: The Starchild Skull

The Starchild skull is an abnormal human skull allegedly found in Mexico that is claimed by paranormal researchers to be the product of extraterrestrial-human breeding. The skull was originally found in the 1930’s in a mining tunnel about 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico. It was buried next to a human skeleton that was exposed.. The skull was first owned by a couple named Ray and Melanie Young in El Paso, Texas.. The owner of the skull now is Lloyd Pye who obtained it in February of 1999. There has been a lot of research lately but they haven’t been able to make a connection to extraterrestrial-beings; Until Now!

A geneticist has been working on this mysterious case to figure out what makes it different from an ordinary human skull..They found out that the mtDNA (DNA that passes through the maternal line) was radically different from human’s DNA makeup. Now a regular human has about 120 differences but this Starchild Skull has around 800-1,000 differences! Now this is a simple explanation to show that this Starchild Skull is NOT human! Below is a detailed report into the mystery of this ET Skull…

DNA has two types: nuclear (nuDNA) and mitochondrial (mtDNA). NuDNA is found in a cell’s nucleus, and it comes from both parents. MtDNA is found in tiny sub-cellular units called mitochondria that float in the cell’s cytoplasm. MtDNA passes to each generation only through the maternal line.

The nuDNA genome is a total of the base pairs (bp) that it contains. Base pairs are the “steps” in the double-helix design of DNA. Each human cell has only one nucleus that has the copy of each genome. (More than 3 billion base pairs, thousands of mitochondria and 16,569 base pairs of the exact mtDNA genome.) The DNA genomes of Humans, Neanderthals, Denisovans, Chimps and Gorillas are almost exactly the same size. Then it’s safe to believe that the Starchild’s genomes should have the same number of base pairs as humans.. (nuDNA of 3 ± billion base pairs, and mtDNA of 16,600 ± base pairs.)

Back in 2010; the Starchild’s DNA fragments were sequenced and they found out it added up to about 30,000 base pairs. Now it seems like the above numbers are missing something to establish a ultimate trend. Recently only four fragments of the Starchild mtDNA were sequenced, totaling 1,583 base pairs. That’s only 9.5% of it’s assumed 16,000 base pairs but we really need a full retrieval of the mtDNA genome to solve this mystery without any skeptics. In Human nuDNA only 2% of the 3 Billion Base Pairs is what keeps us alive and the other 98% is “garbage” because it has no life-sustaining functions.

mtDNA is exactly the opposite from nuDNA, it provides us with the functions that are required to stay alive. Any kind of mutation in this DNA is fatal unlike the nuDNA. mtDNA is the best understood aspect of human biology and geneticists have been able to utilize the rarity of mtDNA mutations. Over 200,000 years ago we have accumulated 120 variations in our mtDNA.. But older civilizations have fewer mutations in their mtDNA, which points back to the origin of humanity! These 120 variations have been divided into 33 different subunits know as haplogroups, see the picture to the left. These originate from seven ancient females who were the founding matriarchs of our species. (The Seven Daughters of Eve by Dr. Bryan Sykes, 2001) Every variation between these haplogroups is well known and documented.

You are part of one of those 33 different haplogroups listed in that chart! That same chart shows how the mtDNA is analyzed. At the tops is the Control Region Sequence (CRS), which is the mtDNA pattern chosen from one person to show the human baseline. Varations in the CRS shows the differences in all related species. No individual has more than 120 differences! Towards the bottom is the Neanderthal mtDNA and two more samples from Denisovans. Denisovans is a new species that was discovered in Siberia in 2010. This new specie was discovered by accident; when they were analyzing a molar and a finger bone.. They found that the mtDNA has 385 differences from the human CRS! That’s 185 more than Neanderthals and 80 more than the average human! With so many differences, scientists has no choice but to classify Denisovans as an entirely new pre-human species which is closely related to humans and Neanderthals!

Now let’s look at the four fragments of the Starchild Skull mtDNA which has been sequenced.. The smallest of the four has 167 base pairs. In the picture below it’s compared to the human Control Region Sequence and all of the base pairs..

The blue boxes above show the differences between the base pairs.. (Starchild fragments = Top Line-167 and the corresponding segments of the Control Region Sequence = Bottom Line-1269) The 72 base pairs has over 11 differences, but in the non-enlarged part there is 95 base pairs with 6 other differences. So that is a total of 17 differences between the Starchild and the human CRS….

The next chart covers the segments of the human Control Region Sequence (CRS) that corresponds to the 167 base pairs sequenced from the Starchild Skull. It extends from #1265 to #1432 but it’s difficult to read since there is over 16,569 different units. All of the 167 base pairs there is only one difference among all humans! The first two lines are differences between Denisovan samples and the third is the difference in the Neanderthal and in the human haplogroup..

Now this data of the mtDNA genome is really important due to only one difference among the 33 different human haplogroups. One in Neanderthal, and Two in Denisova. But somehow, the Starchild mtDNA has 16 additional differences! (Red Arrow On Chart) But after many tests they still find the same results, and today’s incomplete science can’t explain this major discovery!

The Starchild was a fully grown adult and it even aged enough to grind down the enamel on it’s “adult-like” teeth! There is no debate that it was indeed a full grown “adult” but we should continue researching into this mysterious skull! All four of the Starchilds mtDNA fragments add up to 1,583 base pairs which is about 9.5% of the total genomes. In total it should be in the 16,600 base pair range. Among the 1,583 base pairs there are 93 differences which could add up to over 970 differences! Just Amazing! Now if you take into account that these analyzing machines are not always accurate, you are left with a 10% window.. (Give or take) We can say that about 840 of the differences are confirmed, that’s still 720 more than any human on earth could support! Errors or not, we can easily say that the differences between the Starchild (880-1000 bp) and humans (120 bp or less) is superb. We might find out that humans were living on the Earth way longer than modern science has claimed or that something “out of this world” is visiting and maybe living upon us.. There is a lot of great information out on the web but I’m sure more information will soon make it’s way to our ears in the future.. Do some research on the Starchild by going to the links & videos I provided below.. And if you have any other information you would like to add please shoot me an email at

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