Kim Dotcom has millions more in assets seized – Court? No, the machine says your guilty, now take him to the vaporizer!

For the US to order New Zealand to arrest a German citizen is outrageous to begin with, but to seize a man’s money and property before he has had his day in court is anything but justice. Not only is innocent until proven guilty out the window, good lawyers want big bucks for their services. This is common knowledge and in my own personal life I have seen it been through it.

It’s painfully obvious they are trying to sabotage his defence.

They do not want another “dream team” of lawyers screwing with their plans to crucify him on the cross for all to see. File sharing sites of various kinds are shutting down before this has even played out – because the writing is on the wall. They are going to get him no matter what.

Officials today seized a multi-million mansion from alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom – but they will let his pregnant wife continue to live there.

The $NZ4.3 million ($3.3m) two-hectare lifestyle block in Coatesville, New Zealand neighbours the $NZ30m Chrisco mansion the family also rents.

Guy Sayers, of the Official Assignee, confirmed that staff had seized the house along with items including jet skis, another car and jewellery.

Sayers said a new restraining order had been granted over the property on February 1.

“We are effecting the original order, still carrying out duties under that… and also dealing with a new restraint over a property in that region.”

Crown Law, who were dealing directly with the FBI, had issued the order, he said.

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