(Dottore salvatore è falsa)…Doctor Sal is bogus…

In a while i will watch his video again to do a greater analysis as this is a good one, but i am of the opinion that “doctor sal” is bogus…that is to say, his ‘warning from space aliens’ is as good as, as reliable as, any other channeled information, which, so far to date, has had an abysmally bad track record.

In this case, according to dottore sal, it is NASA that is channeling these unknown creatures via the mechanism of HAARP. An interesting twist, but after that, the entire script is a duplicate of all the other ‘intergalactic telepathic contactee’ scripts that are out and about on the internet. None of which, in my opinion, are actual contacts, and, if they are, they are worthless as they provide no more information than we had before the channeling.

This is also the case with dottore sal’s doom in 2016 warning. It is channeled, from unknown sources, that are supposedly so far superior to us mere mortal humans that we cannot understand them (sort of like a ‘god’ that will need a priest hood to direct us as to how the master’s (aka gods off world) want us to behave), and who are offering NO NEW information.

And we must note that dottore sal’s space aliens are really friggin dumb. They are so stupid that the doom that they went to such trouble (according to dottore sal) to get to us, is based on old, long discredited physics.

Further, we have confirmation that since Werner Van Braun and the early days of rocket launches, NASA has been using helical solar system mathematics to achieve orbits….not heliocentric….yet dottore sal is using terms that are not valid in the helical model of the solar system. He is using last century’s science.

Is this just dottore sal’s mind intruding on NASA’s space alien channeling?

So there is super-luminal communications with space aliens on a 331 day cycle, yet the space aliens think that earth has a blob of iron in its middle? Or is this just dottore sal’s ignorance shaping his interpretation of the channeling?

There are many, discrete, bases from which to question salvatore’s conclusions and his message. The script is like any other channeling script. Salvatore follows it well, though there are a few eye-movement tells, they are not as egregious, as say dan burish (get a copy of Lie Spotting and watch the burish videos on project camelot to see what i mean), but there are a number of tells that show.

Without regard to how the dottore sal script was put together, coincidentally, it fits the idea of ‘retreat position defenses’ that has been discussed obliquely at the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations – aka NWO training ground) over these last two years. The idea being that if the elites and their slaves (minions) will be retreating underground (which would be supported theoretically by sal’s doom), they will be needing a series of defenses that can be used to keep the masses at bay while the elites retreat down the rabbit hole. We are seeing the psyops ramp up significantly over these last four months….think about the levels of emotional upheaval coming out of the msm and all the media outlets….there is a reason why.

Most of these defenses will be psychological. They will do things to keep the focus on the ‘other side’ of their retreat time….if you are worried about 2012 and so are they, then you might notice them slipping away…but if you now think that 2016 is the ‘officially NASA channeled doom date’, well…..

So it is my opinion that dottore salvatore is bogus…and i think i could prove it with about 15 minutes of cross examination (not that they will ever let the actor playing dottore sal make himself available) of the individual arguments and his understanding of physics involved. To see the actor follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2DlOtBuYTQ. His name is reported as Frank Vidal, and he has a facebook account/twitter for those who care to investigate further.

And, even if i am totally wrong about dottore salvatore and his space alien 2016 doom, it may only matter to those few humans who make it that far…..