Does The Vatican Conceal A Crashed UFO?

If anyone has gotten their hands on crashed extraterrestial space ships, the Vatican with all their power is a prime candidate.

Also, the knowledge of such a find would be distruptive to say the least for their world wide religious power base, and they would have a lot to loose to make such a find public.

Over the years there have been many threads here on the forum where strange crafts in religious paintings are depicted, like the painters wanted you to know a hidden secret.

The Vatican secret archives in Rome would probably be a place where a crashed craft would be stored, deep inside the Vatican state and hidden from the public until they deemed the world ready.

Strangely, right on top of the Vatican secret archive, an area that is on the tour of the Vatican museum, we have this strange sculpture (see picture above).

Are they trying to tell us something?

You probably have seen those orbs UFO videos here and elsewhere on the Internet, this sculpture looks just like two of these orbs have crashed with each other, trapping the smaller orb deep inside the larger one. This is not the actual UFO of course, but we are guessing it might be an artist rendition of what they have hidden from the public. Maybe it is a hint that the Earth is indeed hollow and there is a second ‘world’ inside. Who knows?

The strange object is about 2 meters (6 1/2 feet) in diameter.