Disclose.tv “Seized?”

Go to Disclose.tv and Look Where It Takes You:

Disclosetv.com seized by U.S.A. internet terrorism task force or possible farce

By Jeffery Pritchett

It would turn out that Disclose.tv has been seized and shutdown by internet terrorism agencies from Europe and the United States of America. The buzz is that it was seized for terrorism or maybe a prank of sorts by some sort of strange hacking group. Disclosetv is known for bringing stories on the paranormal and Ufology to the public in the form of interviews and videos.

News World Wide says its administrators have no idea what happened and that they believe it to be a farce. Of course for any hacking group to pretend to be government agencies has to be illegal in many ways. So to set up a hacking prank like this could be punishable by law on many levels governmentally speaking. With the recent MegaUpload scandal many are concerned this is part of Homeland security censoring the internet.

Why would a site about conspiracy topics be seized by the government? Specially one about UFOs or the paranormal and conspiracies? Or maybe the admins of the site upset someone and caused them to be hacked by some outside group. Perhaps someone will take responsibility for this heinous act. Or even more so maybe the site was really seized by a government agency.

From News World Wide

Update: None of the information on this take down notice is valid. News World Wide has sent an email to the domain register asking why there site is down. We have not heard back from them yet. I will update this post as this story develops.

Disclose tv is shut down by the department of internet security terrorism task force and European and allied command operations. Apparently the videos posted on that site were damaging to the us military and could be a sign of an invasion to happen in Iran. I find this a little strange they removed that site siting that it was a terrorist site when anyone can post videos there. Currently no further information is available about what has happened to the site. And many articles regarding this pull down have been removed from the web. If anyone has any further information about this website pull down please post in comments. Note: There are no websites linked to Department of Internet Security Terrorism Task Force that I have found on the web. This website take down sounds very strange to me.

Also this just in from Kevin Smith of the Kevin Smith Show.

News this morning is that some 76 web sites have been seized by the U.S. government over the past 24 hours. Some of them are very popular with the UFO/ET/Paranormal community. I do not know all the details as to why they were seized. There are some reports that say one thing, and other reports that say something else. Of course, there are also some reports that are just outrageous nonsense. But, they HAVE been seized. Perhaps we will know more facts in the next couple of days.