A.Rossi fan-boy site claims E-Cat is the first commercially successful LENR device


I know “truthers” are going to hate on me for this but – one of A.Rossi’s fan-boy sites is making a 100% delusional claim beyond any doubt.wanted to believe but I also knew from my own research that this “free energy” area is full of scammers who just need another couple of million to save mankind. My position was sit and wait – but as I soak up the available information, I smell a rat!

Now one of the E-Cat fan-boy sites (maybe it is run by Andrea, there is no info!) actually has the balls to claim the E-Cat is the first commercially successful LENR device – yet they are barely available on the marketplace to purchase. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on, this claim is utterly bogus. They say you can buy – ECAT 1 MW units, current price $1,5M (For sale now, 4 months delivery) – but who has one of these yet? Define commercially successful please…geez. How convenient is it that the more affordable version that people could buy and test for themselves – is NOT available. Wouldn’t it be logical to make the smaller, easier to build version that could prove your claims FIRST??? Not unless you were full of shit!

For over a year now, Andrea Rossi E-cat has become one of the most interesting inventions of the 21st century. Since its first introduction in early January last year, the first commercially successful low energy nuclear reaction device continues to receive mixed reviews from the public. Unfortunately, many energy catalyzer observers gave negative comments regarding the whole industry surrounding the commercialization of the technology.

Attitudes towards Andrea Rossi E-Cat are mostly bad. Here’s a reproduction of some of the comments provided by the public in Rossi’s JONP blog:

1. “The more I hear about the technology from Rossi, the less impressed I am. A COP of 6 for heat is really not that impressive — it won’t save me much money to have an E-Cat in my home. I’m losing interest.”

2. “Rossi made the technical breakthrough, but Defkalion is the company that has better engineering and will have superior products. They are the company to watch.”

3. “Rossi is motivated by greed when the world is desperate for the technology he has discovered. Why doesn’t he just open source it and let people around the world develop his technology so all can benefit from his discovery as soon as possible?”

On the positive note, people who believe in Andrea Rossi E-cat defended the controversial device. Let us check what they said:

1. “Rossi is building a new industry here, and is acting like one would expect an engineer and businessman in his position to act. He’s working on developing his product and giving no secrets away to the competition. Be patient and give him time to get the job done right.”

2. “Rossi has just scratched the surface of the possibilities for LENR. His E-Cats will be very primitive compared to what will come when others build on his discovery — but he has opened the door for a bright technological future”


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