Earth 2012 Changes: New Huge Land Cracks, This Time In Spain

New dangerous cracks in ground appeared on our planet. This time, they have been reported in Spain.

The Department of Emergency situations urgently requested the Geological Survey of Murcia to assess the cause of the “huge cracks in ground”, which appeared after the recent heavy rains in the industrial park area “El Saladar”, Totana, situated in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula.

The crack extends along the industrial park in the direction of the sport city “Valverde Reina”; It has a length of more than 300 meters and a depth of more than two metres in some places.

Crack appeared two days ago and opens gradually reaching a width of 40 to 50 cm.

According to at the beginning of November, cracks appeared on top of a cliff at Cotillo, located at the northern end of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa.


(Updated With More Images)