Here’s Enough Digital Espionage to Scare even James Bond

Like James Bond does in his new hit Skyfall, secret agents all over the world are now dealing with cyber-terrorists and digital threats as well as the usual bad guys petting cats on their laps as they hide out in their remote lairs.

Are these new digital threats giving those villains a digital license to kill? This infographic from F-Secure, a company that deals with malware threats, shows us some of the increasingly sophisticated viruses and malware that are insinuating themselves into digital devices across the world.

The scariest part is the fact that many of the good guys, including the U.S., are creating ultra-powerful digital weapons that could end up in the wrong hands. For example, Stuxnet, a sophisticated computer worm developed by the governments of the United States and Israel to target five Iranian organizations, has now been surpassed by even more sophisticated malware.