Example of how the media manipulates readers in the most interesting ways

By Sharp360 on Reddit

I read Gizmodo, unfortunately. It started years ago as a tech blog that kept me up to date on computers ant networking hardware along with cool new tech toys and whatnot. Lately (after they were purchased by a media conglomerate) they have been pushing war mongering, at least twice a week now there are articles about military weaponry and two days ago they published an article stating that the author did not believe humans were capable of owning guns..

Readers (not me) discussing this same uptick in pro military postings http://gizmodo.com/5934493/to-turn-dumb-warheads-into-smart-missiles-just-add-lasers?post=51840626

Pro military spending articles http://gizmodo.com/military

Anti gun articles



this is a prime example of corporate controlled media attempting to sway the public.

This is bullshit.’

EDIT: I meant to post this anti gun article, there are so many i got confused


EDIT II: Gawker is the media conglomerate, they were not purchased by anyone else, I was mistaken. This still does not free them from my accusations, only that a certain part of what I said was incorrect and id hate to see people get the wrong info because of me

Also they hate on Iran a lot, like more then any other tech article Ive seen.







and here is what the editor in chief has to say about guns joemfbrown ‏@joemfbrown Guns need to go. My objection is not moral; they’re just a technology that is too advanced for most people [1] http://gizmodo.com/5937621/there-are-some-technologies-we-should-not-have

an they operate like any good media conglomerate does, with a shitload of shady buisness


UPDATE/EDIT: I posted what you see below as the first 3 comments on this article. Within 10 minutes they were removed by the author, i reposed them and sent an email to the entire writing staff and editors. Here are the comments that Giz thought were dangerous

“Did Giz not just publish an article saying that we humans are not advanced enough to properly control/own guns? Why the fuck is Giz pushing all this military weaponry on its readers, the same people that giz says should not own guns. So its OK to give our military (People who have been trained to KILL) all the weapons they want, but dont let us have any way of protecting our…. anything. Good job Giz, you guys are clearly looking out for your readers, I guess this is what happens when a blog gets purchased by a large media company, the message of said blog is for sale, and apparently someone who loves the military budget, but hates giving guns to civilians has deep pockets…. ”

“Quote from the article “Unfortunately, guns are real. And for some reason, we’re not willing to admit that, even though they’ve been around a while, they are too advanced for humans to use safely.””

“Plus we spent a BILLION DOLLARS to make this gun, does that not sound insane to anyone else…. we cant find any space in the budget to…..

provide health care to anyone, provide a decent education that enforces critical thinking provide interest free loans to students provide a whole bunch of shit.

Every time some politician says “WE NEED TO CUT 200Millon” from some public health or education program, why does no one send them to projects like this to get there money. Let the army hold baking sales and fund raisers to provide it with extra capital to build new toys. ”

“I used to love coming here, but between the giz #Warmongering and their apparent hatred of our constitutional rights its silly for people to come here wanting to read about tech, they keep getting all of these shitty articles, im never going to buy, nor would i ever want to buy one of these killing tools that the military has gotten so good at spending money on. WHy are they advertising it to us, these same people that two days ago this blog says should not own guns, does that not seem wrong to you? ”

These comments were apparently too crazy, so fuck em, I reposed them just now and fully expect to have them removed yet again.

I also sent an email to all of there staff pointing out how ridiculous this all is. Lets see if they have the balls to respond with anything more than “Fuck you don’t read our blog”