Elite is retreating from the public before our eyes and we don’t see anything

Do you remember the predictions of how the elite will gradually withdrew from the public life to prepare for an event in 2012???

This is happening before our eyes and we don’t see anything.

A few examples :

– Pope would like to retire ( assumed in April ) ( never happened in history !! )
– Massive Wave Of Resignations

By Month :

By Country:

This is just from 8-9 March 2012

Banking & Financing

3/09/12 (UK) Deutsche Bank PWM UK head Martyn Surguyquits
3/09/12 (UK) Alexis de Rosnay co-head of Lazard investment banking, quits
3/09/12 (HONG KONG) BofA Merrill Lynch debt capital market banker Leonard Ng resigns
3/09/12 (SOUTHEAST ASIA) BofA Merrill Lynch debt capital market banker Jimmy Choi resigns
3/09/12 (SOUTHEAST ASIA) BofA Merrill Lynch debt capital market banker K.J. Kim resigns
3/09/12 (NZ/AUSTRALIA) CEO of St George bank (subsidiary of Westpac) Rob Chapman leaves
3/09/12 (USA) REIT Corporate Office Properties Trust CEORandall M. Griffin to leave
3/09/12 (MONGOLIA) Mongol Bank president Alag Batsukhresigned
3/08/12 (GERMANY) Clearstream Banking AG Katja Rosenkranz to leave Deutsche Börse Group
3/08/12 (USA) Bristol County Savings Bank president E. Dennis Kelly retires
3/08/12 (USA) CBOE executive Patrick Fay put on leave amidSEC probe
3/08/12 (USA) chief investment officer Alan Brown of Schroders steps down


3/09/12 (SOUTH KOREA) Secretary General of main opposition Democratic United Party Im Jong-seok resigns
3/09/12 (USA) South Carolina Lt. Gov. Kenneth Ard resigns amid probe
3/09/12 (USA) Rep. Jimmy Naifeh retires from House of Representatives
3/09/12 (USA) State Rep. and former Kirkland mayor Deb Eddyretires
3/09/12 (MALAYSIA) Chairman of Securities Commission Malaysia Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar retires
3/09/12 (N. IRELAND) Ulster Unionist Party leader Tom Elliotquits
3/09/12 (INDIA) MLA R. Selvaraj resigns from assembly and Party District Committee
3/08/12 (IVORY COAST) Ivory Coast’s prime ministerGuillaume Soro and his cabinet resigns
3/08/12 (USA) Chuck Hassebrook main primary opponent in U.S. Senate – abruptly quits
3/08/12 (USA) Democrat David Pollock quits Ventura County House race

Companies & Businesses

3/09/12 (FRANCE) Areva’s head of mining Sebastien de Montessus resigns
3/09/12 (NETHERLANDS) T-Mobile Netherlands CFO Hans van Leeuwen resigns
3/09/12 (NETHERLANDS) T-Mobile Netherlands marketing director Henrik Kasteel resigns
3/09/12 (USA) EVP of Allegheny Technologies David Hogan to retire
3/09/12 (Not Specified) Shipping group Goldenport CEOChristos Varsos resigns
3/08/12 (USA) CEO of Medi-Cal Ventura County unexpectedly resigns
3/08/12 (USA) EVP of Pandora Jessica Steel to exit
3/08/12 (HONG KONG) Hysan Development CEO Gerry Yimresigns
3/08/12 (USA) Tom Goodman to retire as senior VP and COOof HudBay Minerals Inc.
3/08/12 (USA) Chief executive and director Richard Balfour-Lynn of MWB Group (property developer and investor) resigns

– Wars to distract the public

– New laws to be protected FROM the public ( at the end you can only watch what is happening and do nothing because you will be treated like a terrorist )

Signs for the event:

– More earthquakes than ever and stronger ( from 1973 to 2012 )

– More volcano eruptions than ever ( from 1850 to 2010 )

– More disasters than ever and stronger ( from 1850 to 2010 )

– Cosmic rays hitting us from behind??

Probable cause :


Brown dwarf stars emit loads of radiation. A star like our Sun burns off much of its energy in the form of light and heat. A brown dwarf emits all of its energy in the form of radiation.

So can it be that this rays from behind where from Nemesis ??

With this we can also explain the 188 days theory:

I believe that I am on the right track but you can write here your opinions if you have more plausible causes.

So what do you think? Are they resigning because they are retreating from the public to prepare them selves for the event or they are just scared what will happen when the truth is out ???