An Examination Of Obama’s Use Of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques In His Speeches

An examination of Obama’s use of hidden hypnosis techniques in his speeches.(TOF).This document contains over 40 pages of evidence and analysis proving Barack Obama’s use of a little-known and highly deceptive and manipulative form of “hack” hypnosis on millions of unaware Americans, and reveals what only a few psychologists and hypnosis/NLP experts know.

Barack Obama’s speeches contain the hypnosis techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. who developed a form of “conversational” hypnosis that could be hidden in seemingly normal speech and used on patients without their knowledge for therapy purposes.

Obama’s speeches intentionally contain:

Obama’s techniques are the height of deception and psychological manipulation, remaining hidden because one must understand the science behind the language patterns in order to spot them. This document examines Obama’s speeches word by word, hand gesture by hand gesture, tone, pauses, body language, and proves his use of covert hypnosis intended only for licensed therapists on consenting patients. Obama’s mesmerized, cult-like, grade-school-crush-like worship by millions is not because “Obama is the greatest leader of a generation” who simply hasn’t accomplished anything, who magically “inspires” by giving speeches. Obama is committing perhaps the biggest fraud and deception in American history. Obama is not just using subliminal messages, but textbook covert hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming techniques on audiences that are intentionally designed to sideline rational judgment and implant subconscious commands to think he is wonderful and elect him president. Obama is eloquent. However, Obama’s subconscious techniques are shown to elicit powerful emotion from his audience and then transfer those emotions onto him, to sideline rational judgment, and implant hypnotic commands that we are unaware of and can’t even consciously question.

The polls are misleading because some of Obama’s commands are designed to be triggered only in the voting booth on November 4th.  Obama is immune to logical arguments like Wright, Ayers, shifting every position, character, and inexperience, because hypnosis affects us on an unconscious and emotional level.  To many people who see this unaccomplished man’s unnatural and irrational rise to the highest office in the world as suspicious and frightening and to those who welcome it, this document uncovers, explains, and proves the deceptive tactics behind true “Obama Phenomenon” including why younger people are more easily affected.

–  Trance Inductions

–  Hypnotic Anchoring

–  Pacing and Leading

–  Pacing, Distraction and Utilization

–  Critical Factor Bypass

–  Stacking Language Patterns

–  Preprogrammed Response Adaptation

–  Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges

–  Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions

–  Emotion Transfer

–  Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming


Skeptics will surely doubt the information provided in this document with four specific oppositions – each of which this document disproves.

1.  Hypnosis isn’t real – hypnosis wouldn’t / doesn’t work on me

Trance states of mind and enhanced suggestibility happen to everyone every day; driving in your car, in the elevator, watching T.V., or listening to music.  This mild hypnotic state is all that is needed for Ericksonian techniques to implant hypnotic commands you are unaware of.    

2.  Obama isn’t intentionally using mass hypnosis 

This document contains over a hundred examples of Obama’s specific language patterns and hypnosis techniques that follow textbook Ericksonian principles and characteristics too much to be coincidence.

3.  Obama’s popularity is not attributable to his use of hypnosis

Young people and more educated people actually have lower hypnotic subconscious suggestibility thresholds for scientific reasons explained.  Popular perceptions of Obama are provable as inconsistent with his accomplishments, history, background, and even what is heard from him consciously – however, they match perfectly with the messages he is caught sending intending to be received only subconsciously.

People are admittedly mesmerized by him.  The irrational rise to power of and uncanny passionate support for a logically unaccomplished and questionable man based on his speaking alone like the “Obama phenomenon” is widely accepted – only the rational explanation for it is missing.  Finally, he would not continue to use these deceptive techniques if he did not believe they work.

4.  There is nothing unethical about Obama’s use of hypnosis 

The techniques used by Obama are the most deceptive forms of communication known to man.  They sideline rational judgment and implant subconscious commands that change how people feel and behave without any awareness of the manipulation.  Obama’s techniques overcome the will without convincing the judgment through trickery.  Obama often says one message that you are aware of, meanwhile implants a different message hypnotically with double or hidden meanings.  He conjures up emotions by talking about your children, and JFK, and then is caught transferring those feelings onto him with hidden hand gestures.  He hides what he is doing and brazenly uses these techniques in front of millions of people over and over.  Once explained, Obama’s actions can be shown to be the height of manipulation and deception.



Foreword and commentary

The level of deception involved in Obama’s use of covert hypnosis, and his presumption that he has the right to use hypnosis on us to gain votes is just unconscionable.  It is not a connection to another person that he can deny.  It is Obama’s own highly deceptive actions, provable once explained, on video, playable over and over. Obama is sidelining rational judgment and using undue influence to win over voters applying psychological subconscious manipulation like never before in American history. No other argument against Obama can fundamentally change the way people feel about him deep down inside, EXCEPT, proof that precisely the way they feel about him deep down inside is because of Obama’s own deception and use of hidden hypnosis. This is because exposing Obama’s use of hypnosis takes the people who are entranced by him subconsciously and emotionally, and puts the issue of why they feel that way on a conscious rational level where they can analyze it. It is the one thing that can fundamentally change the game, and shatter Obama’s magical immunity to all of his other faults, logical disqualifications, and deceptions. This can include the media changing their mind about Obama once they see who he really is and also helping to expose what Obama is doing in the interests of democracy. Many people do wake up from the effects of hypnosis once you tell them they have been hypnotized and explain what has happened to them. To a lot of people, it is just a missing piece of the puzzle that makes everything else make sense – almost as if it were the missing piece they were somehow even looking for on some level. 1  



You must understand the basics of Ericksonian hypnosis to see what Obama is doing

Almost nobody realizes what Obama is doing. These techniques are nearly impossible for an untrained person to detect. With the exception of a few trained experts in hypnosis, nobody understands even what to look for. It sounds in every way like ordinary powerful speech. Hypnosis is not sleep, nor what is portrayed in movies. In order to spot what Obama is doing, one must first understand covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis, and know how the science works. Only by knowing how hypnosis works will you see that Obama’s speech often diverges from normal and logical speech patterns, and clearly uses the non-logical, clearly artificial and intentional patterns of hypnotic trance induction, and hypnotic critical factor bypass as taught in the field of covert and conversational hypnosis. This document will explain what Obama is precisely doing and how it works by explaining hidden hypnotic language patterns and other hypnosis techniques, and pointing out these patterns and techniques in Obama’s speeches.


Obama is using textbook, clinical trance inductions in his speeches. Obama’s hypnotic techniques work on a subconscious level, and are designed so that people watching him in an audience or on TV are completely unaware of his techniques and their effects. Obama is using clear hypnotic anchoring, pacing and leading, and numerous other hypnosis techniques designed to take away our rational judgment in deciding for whom to vote in November. Not only is this the only explanation that makes sense for the amazing rise and “Obama phenomenon” sweeping our nation, but the evidence is undeniable.


To say Obama’s amazing following and rise to power is simply because he is a great speaker is not logically sufficient. Even if Obama were the greatest speaker to come along in 30 years, it still would not explain why even being simply a great speaker would cause people to say he is the greatest “leader” of a generation, or “sent by God” or “JFK” and why that he should be trusted to make decisions like he has never made in his life, or that he will bring change when he hasn’t really changed anything in his 46 years. What he has done does not logically fit how he is perceived. In fact, the gulf is too wide to be random unexplained phenomenon. As shown, he does, however, use clever hypnosis techniques while discussing e.g. JFK to subconsciously transfer feelings conjured up in his audience onto him through, e.g. flashed hand gestures which appear innocent to uncritical observation.


Real “hypnosis” explained

Most people are hypnotized and fall into trance every day of their lives2. It is a common, everyday occurrence, whether for a brief second, or minutes or longer. A very basic example is when you are driving a car while in deep thought, and you suddenly realize you are much further along with no memory of driving the whole distance. Another example, is when you are on an elevator watching the numbers change and go into trance, and when everyone else gets off, you take that as a nonverbal suggestion to get off, before you “wake up” and realize it is not your floor. This elevator example is an example of mass hypnosis, where the close rapport with the hypnotist is not necessary, because many people are both hypnotized partly by whatever is causing the trance, and partly by the fact that you are being “paced” or also hypnotized by everyone else in the elevator doing the exact same thing as you.  The reason you cry from reading sad book simply by reading ink on paper is because of the mind’s interaction with that information, which is also a hypnotic process3.


Two separate definitions of “hypnosis”:

1.  First, hypnosis is “a particular altered state of hyper-suggestibility brought about in an individual by a combination of relaxation, fixation of attention, and suggestion.”4

2.  Second, hypnosis is also “bypassing the ‘critical factor’ and setting up acceptable selective thinking.”5.  The “critical factor” is the conscious part of the brain that you think with that has the ability to make rational logical judgments about what information is received6. The critical factor acts as a filter, determining what can pass into the subconscious mind which is a non-rational computer-like system which accepts everything in it as absolute truth7. That is why sidelining it is so dangerous. Milton Erickson, had a broader definition of the unconscious mind, described as, “both the functioning of the dominant hemisphere of the brain that occurs below the level of awareness, as well as the functioning of the non-dominant hemisphere” 8.


Ericksonian trance induction has three dimensions which we will return to often and compare to Obama’s language patterns.9 They are:

1.  Pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere;

2.  Utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of awareness;

3.  Accessing of the non-dominant hemisphere;

This above three part process is extremely important to later analysis. Essentially, hypnosis is an altered and common state of mind involving intense focus, sidelining or disassociation of the rational critical thinking, and the state of hyper-suggestibility brought about while the subconscious mind is the dominant player10. It happens while reading, listening to music, and even while hearing a great speaker 11.

However, the power of such methods is what is difficult to grasp.  What we are talking about is “transformational linguistics” – language that literally changes who you are at your deepest levels, your deepest passions, drives, and emotions while you are completely unaware. Under Freud, there is the conscious mind that you think with, called the “ego.”  You also have a conscience, called the “super-ego.”  Then, there is the largest part of the psyche, theid, which is the back-end of all our memory, our most basic instincts and drives, emotions, and suppressed desires12. “The unconscious mind is the source of our energy, and no amount of conscious reasoning can override it. The unconscious mind is un-critical; it accepts as absolute truth any idea that is allowed to enter its computer-like system”13. The messages of hypnosis, including mass hypnosis, can be far more powerful than just someone’s conscious thoughts, as it affects their most basic biological drives and instincts14. That is why many of Obama’s followers are so passionate for him, why they are fainting in his presence, comparing him to Jesus, and supporting him like no other candidate before.


1 “The only thing you need to do to break a negative hypnotic spell that has been cast on you is begin to think rationally, to begin to think critically. If you decide that you choose this message as one that’s good for you, by all means sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. But, if you decide that this is not something you want to have in your life, just simply analyze it, criticize it, ridicule it, and say “Hey, that’s not how the world works.”  And you’ll have protected your mind from taking on board something which you really don’t need.”  The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, re the section entitled “The Dark Side of Hypnosis.”

2 Erickson maintained that trance is a common, everyday occurrence. For example, when waiting for buses and trains, reading or listening, or even being involved in strenuous physical exercise, it’s quite normal to become immersed in the activity and go into a trance state, removed from any other irrelevant stimuli. These states are so common and familiar that most people do not consciously recognize them as hypnotic phenomena. 

3 The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski 

4 Modern Hypnosis, Theory and Practice, Masud Ansari, Ph.D. 

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