FBI Arrests Malcolm X’s Grandson En Route to Iran

malcolm-shabazzBy Global Research News

It is disturbing, to say the least, that an American citizen can be arrested by the FBI for participating in an international  film festival held in a country which is “disliked” by the Obama administration,   namely Iran. 

Deafening silence of the US media. Reported by Press TV,  the grandson of  Malcolm X was arrested by FBI agents “on his way to Iran” to participate in a film festival.

According to Press TV:

Muslim civil activist Malcolm Shabazz was reportedly arrested before starting his scheduled visit to Tehran to attend a conference on Hollywoodism, sources outside the United States confirmed on Monday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has refused to provide any information about his whereabouts.

Tehran hosted the third Hollywoodism International Conference, on the sidelines of the 31st Fajr International Film Festival in the Iranian capital Tehran on Sunday.

Many filmmakers, directors, actors, and movie critics as well as politicians and economists took part in the conference.

Mike Gravel, a former US Senator who attended the conference, condemned Hollywood’s role in imposing imperialistic views on the people of the world.

“Hollywood is just a tool of the American government and European governments to pursue their imperialistic views whether it is in economy…culture…or religion,” Gravel stated.

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