FBI “Communities Against Terrorism” Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyers

The following collection of 25 flyers produced by the FBI and the Department of Justice are distributed to local businesses in a variety of industries to promote suspicious activity reporting. The flyers are not released publicly, though several have been published in the past by news media and various law enforcement agencies around the country. We have compiled this collection from a number of online sources. EVERYONE IS A SUSPECT!

Airport Service Providers

Beauty/Drug Suppliers

Bulk Fuel Distributors

Construction Sites

Dive/Boat Shops

Electronics Stores

Farm Supply Stores

Financial Institutions

General Aviation

General Public

Hobby Shops

Home Improvement


Internet Cafes

Shopping Malls

Martial Arts/Paintball

Mass Transportation

Military Surplus

Peroxide Explosives

Recognizing Sleepers

Rental Cars

Rental Properties

Rental Trucks

Storage Facilities

Tattoo Shops