Freemasons & Death Row: 33rd Parallel & Air Force Bases

freemasonsdrI used to be trying up the opposite day what was alongside the 33rd parallel. I’ve written about this earlier than, however it’s believed that the #33 is necessary to freemasons and the 33rd parallel appears to be tied to among the most bother and death-prone and violent locations on this planet reminiscent of Iraq, South Africa, Monocco, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Israel, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Beirut, Syria, Jordan,(and demise row chambers as nicely—extra on that later). Well, whereas trying them up, I discovered another attention-grabbing info.

The Freemasons for some weird purpose appear to have Masonic temples inside a pair miles of an incredible lots of the demise rows in our nation. Not that it’s that uncommon, thoughts you, besides when you think about most demise rows are delay the crushed path so locals don’t get too insulted. I’m positive there’s in all probability Starbucks inside just a few miles of most demise rows, however Masonic temples aren’t precisely on each nook. You surprise simply what number of there are? Here’s only some of them:

Oregon State Penn: Masonic Temple 1.69 miles away
Florence Prison, AZ: Masonic Temple 1.2 miles away
Huntsville, TX: Masonic Temple 0.9 miles away
Raleigh NC: Masonic Temple 3.Three miles away
Carson City, NV: Masonic Temple 2.26 miles away

As nicely, I seen the quantity of Air Force Bases alongside the 33rd parallel is unusually excessive:

Roswell NM
Riverside CA
Sherman TX
Greenville Mississippi
Columbus Mississippi
Biloxi Mississippi
Sumpter SC
Myrtle Beach, SC
Fukuoka Japan (was the positioning of an afb)
Atlanta GA
Augusta, GA
Baghdad, Iraq

And, guess what? Considering how few demise row chambers we have now, there seems to be a unusually excessive ratio on only one parallel latitude; 33rd:

Florence AZ
Jackson, GA
Parchman Mississippi
Columbia, SC