False Flag Alien Invasion Has Begun?

A Renfrew County witness reports UFO activity over Black Donald Lake on 17 June 2012 according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. Renfrew County is just east of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Black Donald Lake is a reservoir lake in the Township of Greater Madawaska, Renfrew County and the Township of North Frontenac, Frontenac County in Eastern Ontario, Canada. It is on the Madawaska River and is part of the Saint Lawrence River drainage basin.

Both the ancient Pagan Gnostics and Jacques Vallée suggest that many UFO sightings may be the result of the “weaponizing” of the human mind by artificial life forms that have been referred to as “Archons“. By accessing the human mind, “Archons” are apparently able to manifest or “project” many UFO sightings as part of a “spiritual control system” against the human psyche.

The witness reported what he or she was doing before the sighting.

“My daughter, her boyfriend, and I were up at the cottage for Father’s Day and just out on the deck viewing a beautiful starry cloudless night.”

The witness then began to notice something unusual in the sky.

“It was then that my daughter noticed coming over her left shoulder a craft that was saucer-shaped and glowing a brilliant white, coming out of the west over Black Donald Lake heading east.”

The witness reported the movements of the object or entity

“As it moved across the sky it appeared as if the object was starting to move slightly side to side or quiver as it continued to traverse a straight course.”

The witness then noticed the object or entity becoming transparent, and described the colour of a streak the object or entity appeared to morph into.

“It was then that before our eyes it started to go transparent, and changed to a fading orange streak just before it disappeared or cloaked.”

The witness reported the approximate altitude in the sky of the object or entity, and also noticed features of the object or entity.

“It was flying about a mile and as it first passed over us you could see the side, the bump on the top, and in middle”

The witness suggested that the object or entity was moving briskly but not at a particularly high rate of speed.

“It was moving along pretty good but not as fast as you would think… kinda taking it’s time on cruise control.“

The witness ruled out that he or she might have mistaken the apparent alien spacecraft or entity for a meteor.

“It was definitely no meteor or asteroid.”

The witness described their apparent awe at witnessing the apparent alien object or entity.

“It was freaking amazing to see.…“

The witness described having a recurring sightings.

“This was my third sighting that I have witnessed, I am not crazy and I finally believe now.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please keep in mind that many UFO reports can be explained as something natural or terrestrial in origin.

No photo of the incident described to have taken place on 16 June 2012 was provided by the witness, and was included with the MUFON report, which was filed on 17 June 2012.

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a similar holographic UFO was seen in NYC last week.  Could these be dry runs or the beginning of the false flag disclosure first contact conspiracy i keep hearing about?