Foreclosure Fraud & Parse-Syntax-Grammar

foreclosure_fraudFor this Parse-Syntax-Grammar of the REAL-ESTATE- “Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust”-SECURITIZATION

~1 For the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (“MERS”) as the beneficiary is with the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar(F.-P.-S.-G.)-claim of the “Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust”.

~2 For the “MERS” as the creator are with an elimination-claim of the recording-mortgage-documents, with the “MERS” as the Mortgagee of the record and with the power of the sale with the same-time-foreclose on the property with the lenders’-voidance-docketing of the Beneficiary-Contracts with the sale or: loans-sold.

~3 For the manpower-costs-saving of the lenders-money are with the F.-P.-S.-G.-recording-claim by the notes.

~4 For the shielding-investor of a F.-P.-S.-G.-liability are with the security-claim of the lenders’-misconduct with the process of the F.-P.-S.-G.-mortgage-lending.

~5 For the “MERS” as a F.-P.-S.-G.-simulation-artificial-entity are with the designation-claim of the circumventing-laws and: mortgage-loans-legal-duties.

~6 For the “MERS”-Corporate-Officer and: Employees of this foreclosure-claim as an agency are with a conflict by the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust”.

~7 For the “MERS” and: Servicer of the F.-P.-S.-G.-mortgage-note are with the void-beneficial-interest-claim of the receiving-income-payments.

~8 For an illegal-act of an F.-P.-S.-G.-employee-servicer-signing with the name: “MERS” is with an illegal-act by the “MERS”’s-employees.

~9 For the contract-owner of the note is with the void-contract of an Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust”.

~10 For a mortgage-contract in the physical delivery of the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust” note will result in a void-contract/nullify.

~11 For the sales of the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust” are with an electronic-transfer-claim(void-paper-trail) by the “MERS”-system as a void-parse-syntax-grammar-contracting-partner with a void-physical-possession-mortgage-note and: void-beneficial-claim.

~12 For the Unfair, Deceptive Acts and: Practices of the contract-identity-servicer is with the damage-claim by the beneficiary.

~13 For the fraudulent-syntax-grammar-volition and: misleading-statements: Title-~15: Document-Contract-Claims-Section-~1692-~e are with the beneficiary-claim by the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.) with the “Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust” against the bower.

~14 Is for the foreclosing-person: “MERS” or: Servicer?

~15 For the bank-servicer(person-moving-foreclosure) as the “Corporate Officer of MERS” are with the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust”-document-claim of the “MERS”’-employees with the signatures on the foreclosing-”MERS”-document.

~16 For the “MERS”-name as the beneficiary on the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust-Security-Instrument” with the fictional-legal-title as an interest-granted with the fictional-person-Borrower of this Security-Instrument.

~17 For the “MERS” of the F.-P.-S.-G.-possession-Note is with the F.-P.-S.-G.-claim: “to have and “to hold the Note”. “to” is with an adverb-future-time-syntax-fiction-void and “the” = adverb-modifying-“note”, “have”, “hold”= adverb-syntax-fiction-grammar.

~17~a to=adverb-future-time, hold=verb-fictional-syntax, the=adverb, Note=verb-fiction-syntax.

~18 For the “MERS” of the no-gain: “no payments or: no-income” is with the F.-P.-S.-G.-claim of the month-to-month-payments.

~19 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-mortgage-money-payments of the bank are with the claim by an investor.

~20 For the “MERS”-Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust” as the F.-P.-S.-G.-mortgage-loan-(pro=no)promissory-note-“guise”.

~21For the “MERS”-testified in the Florida-Courts are with the void-claim as the beneficial-note-owner.

~22 For the “MERS” as the F.-P.-S.-G.-“Deed of Trust-holder” is with the void-document-recording as the contract-beneficiary with the duty by the correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar-laws.

~23 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-foreclosure-process(pro=no, cess=contract) and with the “Not-ice of Default-Filing”(de=no, fault=contract), with the F.-P.-S.-G.-borrower’s-loan-vacated by the F.-P.-S.-G.-foreclosure.

~24 For the “MERS” of the F.-P.-S.-G.-foreclosure-document is with the claim as the mortgage-trustee-beneficiary. [“MERS”-claim in the Florida-Courts: “MERS” is as the system-mortgage-tracker.] [“MERS” does not do the entries itself, but the lenders and servicers do=violation].

~25 For the Contract of the Beneficiary is with the contract-duty-claim of the “servicer or lender’s-fiduciary” with an autograph.

~26 For the Bank’s-autographing-authority of the mortgage-document-signing-void=violation are with the damage-claim by the homeowners-foreclosures.

~26 For the “MERS’-contract-duty of the transferring-beneficial-claims are with the “MERS-System-fraud of the with the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust” of the beneficial-owner-bank.

~27 For the “MERS” and: servicer of the F.-P.-S.-G.-beneficial are with the damage-claim by the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust” with the money, security, value or: credit-income by the fraudulent-contract-home-owner’s-payments.

~29 For a bank-employee as the F.-P.-S.-G.-servicer-signer is with the F.-P.-S.-G.-foreclosure-claim by the trustee-name: “MERS”, and “MERS”, with the F.-P.-S.-G.-void-contract by the name: Trustee.

~28 For the Fictional-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-(F.-P.-S.-G.)-“Mortgage-Documents” and/or “Deed of Trust” are with the damage-claim by the “MERS”-employee without the “Lodial(Lo=location, di=origin, al-contract)possessive-contract” or with the correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar of the mortgage-note or: within the fictional-illusion: “Deed of Trust-F.-P.-S.-G.-paper” to the fiction-new-person.

~29 For the securitization-term of an issuing-security is with the cash-flow-claims by the security-values-trustee(“MERS”-NOT).

~30 For the Securitization of the equity-sale or: debt-instruments-NOT-DOCKETED are with the ownership-joining-claim of the security-document with an equity-producing-values within the joining-document-transaction-structure of an ownership with the postal-stamp-registration-document’s-lending-equity-“autograph-en-dors-ment” of an equity-value(real-estate-home and/or land) with the F.-P.-S.-G.-marketable-liquid-value-claim of an F.-P.-S.-G.-ownership-loans against the home’s-caretaker-guardian-trustee-equity.

~31 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-securitization-transaction of an originator-trustee is with the F.-P.-S.-G.-equity-value-asset-claim of the sale with the new-buyer-person of the securitization-trust-document-contract with the legal-equity-value-trust of the F.-P.-S.-G.-trustee’s-knowledge with the security’s-certificate-form by the investor(s).

~32 For the security-trustee of the trust is with the cash-investors’-securities-range between the five-years to thirty-years with the asset-backing-securities.

~33 For the cash-flow-generated by the assets are with the securities-payment-due-claim by the fictional-trust-contract. [how does fictional-syntax-grammar-claim, :anything???]

~34 For the Persons in the F.-P.-S.-G.-Securitization-Transaction are with the securitization-Transaction-Securitization-Audit of the Debtor-borrowing-money from the Lender in an adverb-verb-F.-P.-S.-G. from the lender with the same-syntax-grammar-knowledge as the F.-P.-S.-G.-loan-Originator by the Debtor.

~35 For the same-entities of the F.-P.-S.-G.-Lender and: Originator are with the Originator-claim of the F.-P.-S.-G.-buyer-collecting-loans as the F.-P.-S.-G.-Wholesale-Lender by the F.-P.-S.-G.-LOANS.

~36 For an Issuing-Entity of the F.-P.-S.-G.-TRUST are with the temporary-owner-claim by the F.-P.-S.-G.-loan-documents.

~37 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-contracting-persons of the F.-P.-S.-G.-securities are with the F.-P.-S.-G.-contract-cash-claim of the F.-P.-S.-G.-pool-loans.

~38 For the Loans-Sponsors’-buying of the F.-P.-S.-G.-Originators’-combining-Equity-pool are with the F.-P.-S.-G.-selling to the F.-P.-S.-G.-Depositor-buyer with the F.-P.-S.-G.-loans-Issuing-Entity.

~39 For the contract-Sponsor and: contract-Deposits of the Trustee-actor are with the F.-P.-S.-G.-Trust-claim and: F.-P.-S.-G.-investors’-contract-Trustee with the F.-P.-S.-G.-servicing-duty and: F.-P.-S.-G.-savings-accounts-management of the payments to the F.-P.-S.-G.-certificate-holders and: F.-P.-S.-G.-administer.

~40 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-Servicer of the F.-P.-S.-G.-month-to-month-collection-payments are with the F.-P.-S.-G.-borrowers’-payment with the transferring-cash to the F.-P.-S.-G.-Trustee.

~41 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-Servicer of the F.-P.-S.-G.-Trust-payment-borrowers are with the damage-claim before the F.-P.-S.-G.-mortgage-collection.

~42 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-Underwriter of the F.-P.-S.-G.-contracts are with the Wall-Street-investment firm(estimate) with the security-capital by the F.-P.-S.-G.-security-purchase.

~43 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-Underwriter-persons as a fiduciary are with the damage-claims by the F.-P.-S.-G.-transaction-loans.

~44 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-Custodians as the Trustees are with the damage-claim of the F.-P.-S.-G.-[cash]-reserves-serving as the personalized-credit-securitization and: F.-P.-S.-G.-collateral-security-documents by the F.-P.-S.-G.-transferred-assets.

~45 For the note-conversion to the F.-P.-S.-G.-bonds are with the damage-claim of the F.-P.-S.-G.-Securitization with the F.-P.-S.-G.-financial-transactions by the F.-P.-S.-G.-risk-debt-originators.

~46 For the equity-receivables of the F.-P.-S.-G.-saving-classified-equity-pools are with the damage-claim of the collateral with the F.-P.-S.-G.-third-party-investment.

~47 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-financial-instruments are with the damage-claim of the F.-P.-S.-G.-backed by the cash-flow with the underlying-assets.

~48 For the F.-P.-S.-G.-asset-conversion into the cash is with the damage-claim by the F.-P.-S.-G.-security-instrument-selling within a F.-P.-S.-G.-securitization-trust.