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Our Food & Water Is Toxic! Radiation Poisoning

I’m not sure if you have been following all the news updates about Japan and the NUCLEAR DISASTER which is happening right now! There is Nuclear Waste which is being poured into the Pacific Ocean as we speak and it will continue unless we cover this failing plant with cement… China has been the only nation which has raised complete concern about this disaster. While the USA and other countries have played it off like nothing is happening.. The radiation fall-out has made it’s way all across the world now. We are all breathing in this toxic stuff right now! In California they were told not to eat strawberries, lettuce, mushrooms (Well Pretty Much Anything) and not to drink rainwater (Soon to be Tap-Water.) The EPA and the US Government are not raising any concerns about this disaster, it’s hundred times worse than the BP Oil Spill and much more toxic!

We are DOOMED! If were not able to eat vegetables, fruits, meat or not able to drink water most of the population will die off… This is a perfect solution to the New World Order… They don’t have to kill us by using force, they use an invisible source= Radiation.. Then blame it on Japan.. We need to think of something FAST! Tell your friends and family to be careful of what they eat within the upcoming weeks when this food starts to make it’s way to shelves.. It’s not like this stuff just disappears, it has a long half-life which sticks around for years. If it doesn’t kill us, it will give us cancer.. That’s a fact! In Japan people have been getting sick.. Some people have reported weird bumps/ pimples on their face after a rain storm.. (Toxic Rain) The Japanese government is telling people to cover their windows with sticky tape to keep out the radiation. (Yeah Right!)

2012 doesn’t look too bad… I rather have the world end instead of having a slow, painful death! It’s not like you can grow your own food because this stuff is in the air! It’s not like you can hide, because it’s everywhere… The weird thing is that there has been a lot of UFO sightings lately.. This goes back to UFO sightings around Nuclear weapons at military bases. So are these UFOs coming now since that they know we are releasing this stuff into the atmosphere? Can they help? Who knows but I’m sure this whole disaster was “planned” by using HAARP… People have stated that they seen weird looking clouds and other phenomenon which could point to “foul play.” They just had another “aftershock” on April 7th, 2011, Which was pretty powerful 7.4 magnitude. So if someone is doing this, why are they? What is their plan? We are already fucked as it is with this economy, and everything else that is happening in this world.. Everyday there is something new…

But recently I found more stuff that will open your eyes about this disaster.. There were these “Illuminati” Playing Cards which were made in 1995. Now this card says “Combine Two Disasters” So that would be the Earthquake/Tsunami and the Nuclear Disaster. Now look at the face of the card. Now ask me if that clock looks familiar on the card.. That is a clock called Wako Tower which is in Japan… Now you might say how could the author know about these disasters so far ahead? Is it part of a master plan? Ill be including more of those cards in my next post but for now be safe and keep a look out for future lies about the nuclear disaster in Japan and across the globe…

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