I figured out the Simpsons Doomsday Clock – False Flag On September 9th?

False flag will happen at Denver Broncos vs Steelers game on 9/9/12

Here is how I solved it. The hands point to 11 and 6. I then noticed that there were two minutes that were longer than the others. Since these two minutes effectively took up two slots I assumed they counted for two minutes. Therefore, rather than the time being 5:55, it was really 5:53. I then took the date that the episode was released which was May 2, 2010, and added 553 days to it. I came up with 11/6/11. Sure enough, there was a Simpsons episode released on just that day. Upon watching this video I found the date that the false flag would happen (9th). I also found a clue that would lead me to another video. Upon watching this other video I found loads of evidence of a false flag at a football game.

I also found false flag evidence within the Simpsons episode which came out on 1/16/11.

By Premier2012 on ATS