The Fourth Dimension Will Be Opening Up Soon

Classical physics theories describe three physical dimensions: from a particular point in space, the basic directions in which we can move are up/down, left/right, and forward/backward. Movement in any other direction can be expressed in terms of just these three. But since 3D TV is becoming more popular scientists “think” that the fourth dimension will be opening up very shortly…What does this mean?

The fourth one has to do with Time… We live in a world of three dimensions. Well, we only perceive three dimensions. We can hypothesize many more dimensions. But, they are difficult to imagine. Because of Einstein, we often call time the fourth dimension. Special relativity shows that time behaves surprisingly like the three spatial dimensions. The Lorenz equations show this. Length contracts as speed increases. Time expands as speed increases.But read more about the other dimensions below…

1. The 0th dimension is the dot. You don’t need any numbers to identify its position.

2. The first dimension is the line. You need two dots to define a line. Any other dot on that line can be located on that line using one real number that will give the distance of the third dot to the first dot using the distance of your first two dots as the unit. So on a ruler your first two dots can be the 0 and the 1cm dot. Every other dot is at some cm length from the 0.

3. The second dimension is the plane. You need two numbers to identify a point on a plane. Usually called the x and the y axis. On a plane you can find the distance between two points by drawing a line that does not go through your reference dot.

4. Space is the third dimension. You need three numbers to determine the distance of an object in space. These are usually called the x,y and z axes.

5. Space time is the fourth dimension: it requires four numbers to place a dot in space-time. 3 for the spacial position, and one for the time. The four dimensional world we live in, seen from the beginning of the universe to the end of the universe, is the actual world we live in.

6. The 5th dimension is the first dimension in which the notion of possible worlds starts needing to be used. Imagine some possible world a little different from this one (maybe one where you did not read this blog). This possible world will give you a unit of similarity measurement with which to compare the distance of other possible worlds to the actual one.

7. The 6th dimension will give you a plane of possible worlds. You can find out the similarity distance of two possible worlds from each other without having to go through the actual one. So with 6 dimensions it is possible to compare the distance of the world in which last Sunday I entered another café, with the world in which I made a huge groundbreaking invention when I was a child, without having to compare that to the actual world. We can also measure the distance of any of those to the possible world in which the earth was never created, for example. The 6 dimensions allow us to compare and position all the possible worlds that start with the same initial conditions (the big bang) as this one.

8. The 7th dimension will give you access to the possible worlds that start with different initial conditions (big bang). A point in the 7th dimension consists of all the possible worlds that start with the same initial big bang and lead to all the possible endings that such an initial condition can lead to.

9. The 8th dimensions gives us again a plane of such complete possible universe histories, which in the video they call infinity. We can there compare two such infinities without necessarily having to take ours into account.

10. With the 9th dimension we can compare all the possible universes histories starting with all the different possible laws of physics and initial conditions.

11. The Tenth dimension is the point in which everything possible and imaginable is covered. Since we can’t imagine any further, we have to stop here.

Could all of the worlds problems and mysteries be solved if we were in the tenth dimension? We may never know since we might never reach that point but maybe in a million more years? This Article Link says that the early universe only had one dimension.. If that’s true our world is constantly changing and something “new” is always being found… So it’s only a matter of time before our scientists find something that points we are living in a different dimension than what we thought… I know it’s going to happen but it’s a matter of when…

They haven’t even found Extraterrestrial Life.. (Well That We Know Of..) Until then we are still a type 0 civilization…. We have already began the transformation into the type 1 civilization but we haven’t fully acquired the possibility to harnesses the energy output of an entire planet. But here is the run down of the different civilizations in our universe..

A Type I civilization would be able to manipulate truly planetary energies. They might, for example, control or modify their weather. They would have the power to manipulate planetary phenomena, such as hurricanes, which can release the energy of hundreds of hydrogen bombs. Perhaps volcanoes or even earthquakes may be altered by such a civilization.

A Type II civilization may resemble the Federation of Planets seen on the TV program Star Trek (which is capable of igniting stars and has colonized a tiny fraction of the near-by stars in the galaxy). A Type II civilization might be able to manipulate the power of solar flares.

A Type III civilization may resemble the Borg, or perhaps the Empire found in the Star Wars saga. They have colonized the galaxy itself, extracting energy from hundreds of billions of stars.

We already modify the weather by using Chemtrails and what other top secret operations (HAARP?) our government uses to control precipitation or the climate..Earthquakes and hurricanes can be controlled by using science we already have.. So I think we are a type 1 civilization even scientists will disagree with me… Will 2012 change our society and our consciousness? Will enter to a new age?

But it seems that our universe is going through a recent change… As seen in this LINK This article states that a strange emission is suddenly mutating matter…This is not good! Huge explosions from the sun could reach earth.. Scientists have no idea why this is occurring.. Another thing they are not sure about is the upcoming universe expansion.. Read about it HERE… Time will only tell but you watch this great video below for information about ETs, future civilizations and space…

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