Facebook’s Process to Label You a ‘Hate Agent’ Revealed

Facebook displays the offline conduct of its customers to decide if they need to be categorized as a “Hate Agent,” in accordance to a doc supplied completely to Breitbart News by a supply throughout the social media large.

The doc, titled “Hate Agent Policy Review” outlines a collection of “signals” that Facebook makes use of to decide if somebody ought to be categorized as a “hate agent” and banned from the platform.

Those alerts embody a wide selection of on- and off-platform conduct. If you reward the fallacious particular person, interview them, or seem at occasions alongside them, Facebook might categorize you as a “hate agent.”

Facebook may categorize you as a hate agent for those who self-identify with or advocate for a “Designated Hateful Ideology,” for those who affiliate with a “Designated Hate Entity” (one of many examples cited by Facebook as a “hate entity” consists of Islam critic Tommy Robinson), or when you’ve got “tattoos of hate symbols or hate slogans.” (The doc cites no examples of those, however the media and “anti-racism” advocacy teams more and more label innocuous gadgets as “hate symbols,” together with a cartoon frog and the “OK” hand signal.)

Facebook may also categorize as a hate agent you for possession of “hate paraphernalia,” though the doc gives no examples of what falls into this class.

The doc additionally says Facebook will categorize you as a hate agent for “statements made in private but later made public.” Of course, Facebook holds huge quantities of data on what you say in public and in personal — and as we noticed with the Daily Beast doxing story, the platform will publicize personal info on their customers to help the media in hitjobs on common American residents.

Breitbart News has already coated among the people that Facebook positioned on its checklist of potential “hate agents.” Paul Joseph Watson finally was categorized as “hateful” and banned from the platform, partly, in accordance to the doc, as a result of he praised Tommy Robinson and interviewed him on his YouTube channel. Star conservative pundit Candace Owens and conservative writer and terrorism professional Brigitte Gabriel have been additionally on the checklist, as have been British politicians Carl Benjamin and Anne Marie Waters.

The Benjamin addition reveals that Facebook might categorize you as a hate agent merely for talking neutrally about people and organizations that the social community considers hateful. In the doc, Facebook tags Benjamin with a “hate agent” sign for “neutral representation of John Kinsman, member of Proud Boys” on October 21 final yr.

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