Fake Riot Video Surfaces: There Are NO RIOTS In Miami As a Result of the Zimmerman Trial (Yet)

this-is-not-a-video-of-people-rioting-over-the-ge-1-6734-1373780449-4_bigA video purporting to be riots following the aftermath of a not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman has surfaced on the internet.

The clip (embedded below) was sent to its publisher by an anonymous source and claimed to show rioters on the streets of Miami.

Since its release, just minutes after the conclusion of the Zimmerman trial, it has been shared tens of thousands of times.

Purported Miami Riot Video:

According to Canada.com, however, the video clip is actually not in Miami, but Vancouver, Canada and was shot in 2011.

The video, first uploaded to YouTube and later reposted at World Star Hip Hop, was shared tens of thousands of times on Saturday night. However, the video actually depicted part of the 2011 Vancouver riots, which shook that city following the Vancouver Canucks’ loss to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals.

Most Canadians would have recognized the video’s location immediately since whoever shot the original footage mentions Vancouver’s Granville Street, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and suggests the police should go “all Dziekański” on the rioters — a reference to the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekański, whose death at the Vancouver airport in 2007 made national headlines.

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