Fukushima Enters China Syndrome: Meltdown Is Destroying Cement



All the news from Fukushima is very bad.  This will continue for the rest of our lives.  Like Chernobyl, the tendency for urgency will drop over time as people get used to the mess and a fatalist feeling of nothing can be done spreads deeper and deeper just like the present ‘China syndrome’ (sic) event.  Of course, this movement towards the center of the earth due to gravity means it will metaphorically come out the other side in the US, not China.

The fact remains, we are possibly witnessing something much more dangerous than Chernobyl.  Chernobyl dumped immense amounts of toxins and radiation across all of Europe.  But Fukushima is more insidious: it is entering the water table of the biggest ocean on earth, the Pacific, and Japan’s water table which the population needs to use for business, agriculture and living in general.

Just this week, TEPCO released, only in Japanese, a report on this China Syndrome event.  They finally have admitted to what I claimed would happen: the containment vessels are being systematically eaten by a molten mass of core materials. They are, as I explained in the past, chemically reacting with cement which is not rock but rather, is a water-permeable material that reacts to heat which is why fireproof materials have to be used when building incinerators, for example.

Here is one news story from this last two weeks about the continuing dangers at Fukushima.  The Dragons that live in these reactors have to be groomed and fed water or they will roar back into full bellow:  Architect of Reactor 3 warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion | Fukushima Diary.

Here is a great video explaining some of the chemical reactions going on in Fukushima when oxygen interacts with the formerly sealed materials:  Hydrogen buildup at Fukushima? What does it mean & why does it happen? on Vimeo

Here is a small story about the TEPCO documents but alas, doesn’t have the full translation…yet!  “Concrete Attack by Corium” says rare English-language model in 200 page Tepco handout from Nov. 30 — “Time to Rupture”? (PHOTOS) « Enenews.com

It is obvious from the diagrams that the materials have fallen into these indentations in the cement and have been cooking merrily away, eating up the cement and now, probably the steel container holding everything.  Already, Half of radioactive materials from Fukushima fell into sea: study – The Mainichi Daily News.

The ministry drones are going insane.  They are doing very bizarre things trying desperately to show us that the mess in Fukushima isn’t a big deal:  Environment Ministry official under fire for dumping radioactive soil near home – The Mainichi Daily News.

Here is another professor furious with all of these lies, and I agree with him, some of us figured out from day one, what was really going on:  Kyoto U. Prof: I always argued that containment is broken — Said melted fuel may already be 40 feet underground.  I agree with him.  The Dragons have escaped all human controls at this point.  If true, there will be a spreading sense of final doom in Japan that will be inescapable.  No cherry blossoms of hope will undo the ultimate mess.

They never got the water levels high enough to completely protect the cores in this reactor.  But then, it doesn’t matter anymore since the meltdown pretty much completed by the time water came back into the containment vessels.  AP: New gov’t study rasies possibility of “structural damage to reactor’s foundation” — Erosion of concrete could be deeper than Tepco claims shows rising concern.  And TEPCO continues to be behind the ball on telling the truth.

This is supposed to be good news:  Most radioactive cesium piled up within 2 centimeters of soil surface but it isn’t.  This is because the BURNED materials may be on the surface but the WATER TABLE is now being polluted and this is not only underground by insidious and moves via capillary actions into increasingly distant locations.

Some of the contamination is over 1200 Sv/h.  Any human trying to do anything near these nodes of pollution would die pretty quickly.  As the EU and US struggle with a banking meltdown that never seems to cease (it is also in China Syndrome meltdown!) we see Japan, struggling to continue to dominate China, falling off the ecological and evolutionary cliff into nuclear hell.  And this is a total catastrophe that can’t be jiggered away by a central bank.  This is harsh reality.