Gaddafi Is Not Bad As Our Government Wants You To Think…

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He first started off with a bloodless-coup to take control of the country. Being a leader for over 42 years, you would think before so long people would want to get rid of him, but they did not, and they continued to support him.. The majority of the people who oppose Gadaffi are young rebels, who don’t poses the knowledge of the history of their own country!


the Great Man Made River project, in Libya which is probably the largest and most complex engineering project in the world was invested by Gadaffi, which is taking over 20 years to build and costing over 30 billion dollars to make it happen, ALL of the money used to help this project was purely from Libya, not a single dollar was borrowed from the outside world. This project is a great investment. , a huge complex irrigation system, it has also been dubbed the 8th wonder of the world.

This will help farmers cultivate land and provide fresh water to the masses the ability to grow crops with sustainability and able to produce enough crops that it will have to bring in migrant workers from overpopulated Egypt which will benefit Egypt and export crops which will stimulate its economy further. A long term sustainable project, which is criticised and envied by the west. A country that can provide for itself without the need to import anything and in debt to no country is frowned upon by America.


Libya has probably the best health care system in the whole of Africa, whereby infant deaths per 1000 is decreasing year on year,
This currently stands at about 18/1000 which is better than most African countries.
Figures from WHO shows that 71% have good access to clean water (2000), 97% access to good sanitation (2006)


Compulsory Education: In the Libyan Jamahiriya education is free to everyone from elementary school right up to university and post-graduate education, both in Libya and abroad. Pre-university education is divided into primary, preparatory, and secondary education. Schools are everywhere. For nomads, there are mobile classrooms and teachers. Educations is compulsory between 6 and 15 yrs old

In the 1990 Libya was put under US sanctions which restricted the amount of oil it was allowed to export and limit the amount of imports it was allowed to receive his included medical supplies and bare necessities such as foods, this is a control which America has put in place in over 40% of the entire world, it wants to control the economy of the world.

In 2001 The Act is amended to allow the US president to punish non-US firms investing more than $20 million annually in the energy sectors in Libya or Iran.


Gadaffi asked for having a United States of Africa, who was the 2009 chair person for the Arab union he stated this in June 2007 in guinea and again in February 2999 in Ethiopia

He said “I shall continue to insist that our sovereign countries work to achieve the United States of Africa.” The BBC reported that Gaddafi had proposed “a single African military force, a single currency and a single passport for Africans to move freely around the continent”.

This would make it the 3rd most populated state after china and India. From one body they would have more power in world influence, and will be at less risk to threats, don’t forget much of Africa was one body, but was split up by Britain and France,



Gadaffi’s role model is Omar Mukhtar who fought the Italian invasion of Libya between 1911 -1931 those 20 years in the desert fighting a modern force, can u believe that? 20 years? Yes this is true,

He fought for freedom, dignity of his country and protect it from a barbaric foreign invasion.

He would never give up, and he started when he was in his 50’s and captured when he was in his 70’s, still a fighter in his 70’s

He was then hung in front of his own people, but his last words were (without fear) “To Allah we belong, To Allah we shall return”

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