Gunman clad in body armor opens fire in New Jersey mall


(Breaking News): Shots were fired Monday night at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, New Jersey, according to several reports.

“According to a police source, the shooting began near the Nordstrom’s department store on the second level of the mall. At least eight shots have been fired; the gunman is believed to be wearing body armor,” Pix 11 reported.

Pix11 also reports stores are on lockdown and no injuries have been reported. “Police and SWAT teams from surrounding areas, along with state police, are en route to the scene.”

The mall was closed at 9:30 pm as police swarmed the scene, according to NBC4. “Witnesses told NBC 4 New York a man dressed in all black was carrying a rifle and started firing shots inside the mall.”

“Some people have been locked down inside stores. One person inside heard at least two bangs,” reports ABC7.