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I was always interested in the unexplained… It all happened when me and my parents were moving into a new house.. I was little at the time and this house seemed to be Haunted! We were working on the house and we would hear strange things within the house. Like someone was opening doors, walking around and it was even turning the lights on and off.. It was really strange; I remember like it was yesterday.. We decided to leave the house due to plumbing problems and because of the ‘ghost’.. But the weird thing was one day I went by that same house and it was on FIRE! No joke… I believe something is out there; It’s not like no one reports encounters but it’s hard to tell if it’s a real haunting… Below is a collection of all the good ghost photos that haven’t been proven to be photoshopped… (As of today) If you have a story you would like to send me or photos please email me at

1 – The Ghost of the Twin Towers

Take a good look at this photograph, you will notice two dark lines in the skyline

This could be a coincidental flaw on the film / smudges on the lens, however, given the location of these two “shadows” I found this photograph disticty eerie!

Could a residual energy remain at this site of heartwrenching tragedy, visible in a spectrum of light outside our human field of vision but detectable with the extended spectrum of a camera equipmet explain the photograph?

Could the imagination, thoughts, sorrow and consciousness of the people on the tour bus somehow conjoured the apparition to appear on the photograph?

Or is this a simple coincidental flaw, reflective shadow or even a deliberate hoax, perhaps we will never know!

2 – The Brown Lady of Rainham Hall

This is one of the most famous ghost pictures in the UK! This startling image was captured in 1936 by a photographer from “Coutry Life” magazine when they were running an article on the Rainham Hall estate in Ilford, Essex.

The apparition had been sighted in the hall on several occassions prior to this photograph being captured:-

• Christmas 1835 – it was recorded that guests Colonal Loftus and a chap named Hawkins ran into an apparition on the staircase – they described it as an aristocratic woman in a brown dress – perfect in every feature – except that she glowed with a strong etherial light and where her eyes should have been, there were just empty dark sockets.

• Captain Marryat, another guest at the hall was the next to have recorded an encounter with the apparition, he and two others described seeing the glowing figure stood in a doorway,” grinning diabolically” at them – The Captain, terrified tried to shoot the ghastly being, but the bullet passed straight through it.

• In 1929, Lady Townsend, who resided in the hall reported that her son and his friend had confessed to seeing a ghost on the staircase.

Further examinations of the photograph have ruled out any deliberate tampering.

3 – 1970’s Wedding Crasher Ghost

A professional photographer was commissioned to take photographs of guests attending a wedding reception held in Paisley, UK in 1972.

If you look closely at the legs of the gentleman on the right, there appears to be an additional foot (with sandal) trouser leg, and a eye peeping out from the bottom of his jacket! The figure looks small and totally out of proportion.

Both the photographer and the guests confirmed that there was categorically no one else in the picture with them.This photograph has been tested by a local police lab – who confirmed that the image was genuine and had hot been tampered with.

4 -The RAF Ghost

Sir Victor Goddard, retired RAF officer, revealed this (now famous) photographic anomaly –

The snap was taken at the Royal Navy airbase HMS Daedalus in 1919 on the day of the funeral of the squadren mechanic, Freddie Jackson – who had been killed two days earlier in the propellor of an aeroplane.

 It is said that it is undeniably Freddie’s features which mysteriously appear in the photograph (image enlarged on the left for clarity).

5 – The Ghastly Monk

This famous (and totally horrifying) photograph has got to be the inspiration behind the “scream” mask!

It was snapped in the early 1960’s (prior to prolific photoshop tomfoolery) in Newby Church, North Yorkshire, UK by the Reverend K F Lord.

The church was 200 years old, however, many believe that the monks garb is more indicitive of the dress code from the 1500’s.

6 – The “Angel”

This amazing human shape mist appeared in a photograph taken in 1988 in New York City by a professional fire department accident investigator just prior to rescue of the living driver from the car wreck.

Many imagine that this is some kind of “Angel” spirit – rushing to the aid of Rose Benvenuto the driver – who, miraculously survived the ordeal.

Both the photograph and it’s negative have been vigorously tested for any signs of interference – however – no evidence of a hoax has been determined.

7 – The Tulip Staircase Ghost

This bizarre photograph was taken in 1966 in the National Maritime Museum, Grenwich, UK –

Reverend Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman from British Columbia was admiring and photographing the elegant “tulip” staircase, an architectural focal point in the building.
The Reverend insists that the staircase was empty when he took the shot, and was therefore flabberghasted to view a strange “faceless” translucent figure holding onto the bannister rail when he viewed the developed photograph.

The photograph was examined by experts from Kodak, who had to agree that the image had not been tampered with in any way.

Unbeknown to the Reverend, the building (and particularly the staircase) had had been previously dubbed as being haunted due to the number of people who had heard mysterious footsteps and noted doors opening and closing on their own.

8 – Car Ghost

This 1960’s photograph of the brand new family car caused a stir when they got it back from the developers.The man in the driveway immediately noticed the image of his dead “car loving” father watching him from the car behind him – the man who had taught him to drive years earlier.

I decided to include this video because It has a lot of different ghost videos complied into one… Now you be the judge if these are fakes… I just thought you would want to check out a video before you looked at more ghost photos!

9 – Child Ghost..

The photograph above is taken from an article in the Daily Mail in March 2009 – where a ghostly pale small child’s face can be seen peering at the camera from in-between the teenage girls.

10 – Ship Ghosts

The bottom right photograph is a photograph taken on the SS Watertown in 1924.
These apparitions were witnessed by the entire crew – firstly on the side of the ship, and then in the ocean.
The faces were those of seamen James Courtney and Michael Meehan who had tragically died aboard the ship
the previous day….they had been overcome by noxious gas fumes whilst cleaning out a cargo bay.

As was the ships tradition, their lifeless bodies had been committed to the sea – so the entire vessel was in shocked uproar to see their disembodied faces the following day.

11 – The Queensland Photo, 1946

Taken in 1946 in Queensland, Australia by a mother who was taking a picture of her teenage daughter’s grave. Nobody was in sight at the time, but when the picture was processed the image of a child appeared, apparently sitting on the grave. The mother does not recognize the child, thereby reducing (though not entirely eliminating) the possibility that it’s a double exposure.

12 – The Wem Fire Apparition, 1995

This famous photo of a young girl looking out from a raging fire was taken during a 1995 structure fire at Wem town hall in Shropshire, England. Shot from across the street by a local photographer, nothing unusual was seen at the time but once the negative was developed he noticed what appeared to be a young girl standing in the doorway of the burning building. Firemen found the photo so disturbing that they sifted through the ashes afterwards searching for the remains of a body but found nothing, leaving everyone wondering who the girl may have been. Not surprisingly, there is a bit of local folklore which claims that a young girl named Jane Churm accidentally burned the town hall to the ground in 1677 when she dropped a candle…

13 – Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, 1991

One of those “too-good-to-be-true” photos, this one actually has a pretty good pedigree because it was shot by a professional paranormal investigator (and notice it was also taken in broad daylight, as opposed to most cemetery investigations which are almost always shot at night). The picture was taken at the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois by the Ghost Research Society on August 10, 1991.

14 – The Corroboree Rock Spirit, 1959

Taken by Reverend R.S. Blance at Corroboree Rock near Alice Springs, Australia in 1959, this famous photo has been around for many years and defies explanation to this day. It wouldn’t be difficult to fake this photo with modern photo manipulation software (i.e. Photoshop) but it would have been nearly impossible to do in 1959.

15 – Toys-R-Us, 1978

This shot has one of the best pedigrees among spirit photos because it was shot under carefully controlled circumstances with numerous witnesses present, making fakery especially difficult. Taken in 1978 at a Sunnyvale, California Toys-R-Us store known for an inordinate amount of paranormal activity, the picture was shot by the crew from the TV program That’s Incredible! The infra-red film image of the young man leaning against the wall was NOT seen by any of the people present at the time, nor does he appear in the high speed footage shot from the same vantage point at the same time. There’s a story that in 1869 a young man died at the location where the store now stands from a accidentally self-inflicted axe wound, which might explain his unusual clothing.

16 – The Lord Combermere Photo, 1891

This well known photo—and perhaps one of the oldest examples of a bonifide spirit photo—was taken in the Combermere Abbey Library in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. The exposure length was approximately one hour, and the figure of a man appears to be sitting in the armchair located in the foreground (it’s difficult to make out, but a head and arm can just be made out sitting in the chair). At the time this photograph was being taken, Lord Combermere (a top British cavalry commander) was being buried four miles away and the house was said to have been locked and empty at the time. Additionally, those who knew Lord Combermere claim the figure looks exactly like the man, so we have to wonder if the old gentleman wasn’t simply just visiting his old “haunt” one last time.

17 – The Chinnery Photo, 1959

When visiting her mother’s grave in 1959, Mrs. Mabel Chinnery decided to finish off the roll of film by taking a picture of her husband seated in the car. When the roll was developed, a female figure appeared, sitting in the back seat. Mrs. Chinnery and several family members insist that the female figure is that of her mother, who appears to have taken her customary place in the back seat and is patiently waiting to be driven home. A photographic expert examined the print and declared it to be neither a reflection nor a double exposure. Notice that “mom” appears to be a pretty solid ghost, with no hint of transparency or light from the rear windows shining through her. Even her glasses appear to reflect light!

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