Government Is Preparing For Martial Law Soon?!

imagesOn January 14th Conservative daily ran a story tilted Obama’s Dangerous Powers Over You. In this article he explains how through executive orders that [MARTIAL LAW IN THE UNITED STATES IS NOW A VERY REAL POSSIBILITY!


“Impossible,” you say. No, let’s please look at the facts!

The October 26, 2012 Executive Order put out by the White House establishes the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council! Involving a special “Steering Committee,” this means that your future security is in the hands of WASHINGTON BUREAUCRATS! God help us! This Executive Order merges Homeland Security with the private sector, which births a genuine dictatorship!

The implied purpose literally hands over the complete control over all Americans – YOU – under the Executive Branch. President Obama will then have complete control. We must FAX CONGRESS TODAY to prevent MARTIAL LAW! ]

Now we have proof that in Miami Florida they have been training heavily,with black hawk helicopters and machine gun fire ,this is all very disturbing ,is martial law right on our doorstep?It’s not looking good at all.

The Government is Preparing For Martial Law!

Posted on January 27, 2013 by Gary D. Barnett

The most recent police state drill meant to rehearse domestic control in a Martial Law situation happened in Miami, Florida.

I have written about this type of travesty on other occasions, but recently Miami was the target of a fascist partnership between the local and state police, and the military. Road blockades were set up, and streets were inundated with the blaring of sirens and speeding police cars. Blackhawk helicopters, (military war machines) were flying low through the city of Miami firing heavy caliber machine guns loaded with blank rounds. These strafing runs were complete with troops rappelling from these helicopters on ropes into the streets. This was all done without notice, and without warning, but why would the lowly serfs be told about an exercise that was meant to practice taking control of American cities?

Of course, the reasons given, after the fact, were that this was a military training operation meant to prepare the troops for overseas assignments. The media of course went along with this obvious lie.

“The training is designed to ensure that military personnel are able to operate in urban areas and to focus on preparations for overseas deployment. It also serves as a mandatory training certification requirement.” 

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