GodLikeProductions Massive IP Ban?

Has anyone noticed lately the massive IP Address Ban on Godlikeproductions.com? I know this because they have banned all my Ip’s including my newly setup VPN, which I have no clue how they banned the IP so fast. So are you also blocked from this website, not like I care that I’m blocked because I never even posted on it. Why are they censoring normal users who are not even going on the website? But I found this info below which might explain why you’re blocked from the website:

GLP is running an extortion scam

Apparently my IP address was banned, even though it was my very first visit to their forums. I decided to fill out their unban request form and request my IP to be unbanned.

Here is the email that followed after my unban request:

Subject:Your unban request was denied.

We’re sorry but the IP address you are using to access this website has been banned. If you wish to immediately bypass this ban, you can choose to become an upgraded member. Follow the instructions and links for this option on the “banned page” you receive when trying to view godlikeproductions.com. If you are already an upgraded member, you can log into your account from the ban page and you will be able to access the site immediately. If you choose not to become an upgraded member of GLP you will have to wait for the ban to be lifted before you will be able to view this website. Please check back later.

As you can see they are unwilling to lift the ban even though they provided no reason for it (How could they I haven’t even made one post there), but if I shell out some cash to become an “upgraded” member it’s all good and the ban will immediately be lifted! I don’t know about you but I read that as an extortion email to get me to shell out money. The subscription fee is $ 10 monthly. So is this a bait and switch to get you paying for the subscription fee to view the site?