Google Maps down, sparking mass disorientation

The Google Maps server has gone offline in some parts of the world, and users are finding themselves utterly disoriented – or not finding themselves at all. Instead, they are reportedly shown “no results found” error messages.

The app has been reported down in the US, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia, with both coasts of the US apparently hit the worst. Both the Chrome and Android versions of the app are not functional, according to the reports.

Over 1,000 people reported the problem to website Outage Report within a 20-minute period, with some reporting it had been fixed and others still apparently stranded in GPS-less limbo.

Twitter was full of panicked users wondering if they were alone in this nightmare, while others tried to make the best of the situation: “Google Maps took me in an unexpected journey to the past, I loved it,” one person tweeted.