Secret Hashes Found in Staged Ghislaine Maxwell Photos – Secure Communication to Epstein?

Background: Steganography is the practice of hiding one piece of content inside another. With using one of these programs you would be able to hide all kinds of content inside digital photograph files.

There are various techniques for doing this “hiding,” some of which are way more complicated than others. One is the changing of the 2 least significant bits in each byte of an image. In many types of image formats, altering the last 2 bits of each byte has an almost imperceptible change to the photo, so the image as a whole can look basically identical to the original.

As an example, Pound shows a photo in which he hid the entire works of William Shakespeare, or about 1.5 megabytes worth of data. Without the original image for reference, you wouldn’t know that a large amount of data has been hidden inside the pixels..

The Reason behind the Staged Ghislaine Maxwell photos Found:

Thanks to Luke_Slytalker and a couple anons, who decided to do some digging using some Steganography tools like out-guess and others; they found a secret PGP key/hashes embedded within the staged photo. I’m going to post some of the info he compiled; you can follow on twitter for more info about this.

Now we know why this photo was ‘staged’ and placed in the media. A way to get a secure message out in plain sight without many figuring out until now.It’s also interesting to note; Jefferey Epstein Modeling Boss/Billionaire friend is now missing. How many other’s got the message? What’s the message? I don’t think we will know since the key-file is huge and is hard to crack. But how many messages have we missed over the years? Seems like something out of a Hollywood movie but the truth is; they have been doing this for years. Operation Mockingbird, comes to mind…

Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.

Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and oversaw the operations of front groups.

So it’s not strange that these groups would still be operating today but with only more secrecy and more complex methods to avoid detection. The thing is that many anons have been recently stating to look for secret messages embedded. So this twitter user and others used her photos sent into NY Post. They found something interesting..

(Here Are Some Of The Photos):

This side-by-side is a scan I ran on the Maxwell pic which I pulled off the NYPost CMS/content management system. The image on the right half is a picture from the “unsolved” #Cicada3301 Liber Primus puzzle of 2014. You can see a similar set of hex embedded into the Cicada image.

The PGP key— has some oddities. The file is on the large size.. At almost 10k, this is a “big” key file.

Why would someone want such a super-secret-extra-secure Key?? Let’s assume you’re a “Mockingbird Media” CIA contractor: You need to setup secret/secure communication with an asset/source/handler. Plus bigger the key, the harder it should be to “crack”

Stego doesn’t happen on accident. Someone put that PGP Key in there intentionally…
Someone with access to the NY Post’s website/CMS.. Definite bigger conspiracy happening here!