Secret Hashes Found in Staged Ghislaine Maxwell Photos – Secure Communication to Epstein?

Background: Steganography is the follow of hiding one piece of content material inside one other. With utilizing one among these packages you’d give you the option to cover every kind of content material inside digital {photograph} information.

There are numerous strategies for doing this “hiding,” a few of that are far more difficult than others. One is the altering of the two least vital bits in every byte of a picture. In many kinds of picture codecs, altering the final 2 bits of every byte has an nearly imperceptible change to the photograph, so the picture as a complete can look principally similar to the unique.

As an instance, Pound exhibits a photograph in which he hid all the works of William Shakespeare, or about 1.5 megabytes value of information. Without the unique picture for reference, you wouldn’t know that a big quantity of information has been hidden contained in the pixels..

The Reason behind the Staged Ghislaine Maxwell images Found:

Thanks to Luke_Slytalker and a pair anons, who determined to do some digging utilizing some Steganography instruments like out-guess and others; they discovered a secret PGP key/hashes embedded throughout the staged photograph. I’m going to publish a number of the data he compiled; you’ll be able to comply with on twitter for more information about this.

Now we all know why this photograph was ‘staged’ and positioned in the media. A method to get a safe message out in plain sight with out many determining till now.It’s additionally fascinating to word; Jefferey Epstein Modeling Boss/Billionaire good friend is now lacking. How many different’s bought the message? What’s the message? I do not assume we are going to know for the reason that key-file is large and is tough to crack. But what number of messages have we missed over time? Seems like one thing out of a Hollywood film however the fact is; they’ve been doing this for years. Operation Mockingbird, comes to thoughts…

Operation Mockingbird is an alleged giant-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that started in the early 1950s and tried to manipulate information media for propaganda functions. It funded pupil and cultural organizations and magazines as entrance organizations.

Operation Mockingbird recruited main American journalists right into a propaganda community and oversaw the operations of entrance teams.

So it isn’t unusual that these teams would nonetheless be working at this time however with solely extra secrecy and extra advanced strategies to keep away from detection. The factor is that many anons have been not too long ago stating to search for secret messages embedded. So this twitter person and others used her images despatched into NY Post. They discovered one thing fascinating..

(Here Are Some Of The Photos):

This facet-by-facet is a scan I ran on the Maxwell pic which I pulled off the NYPost CMS/content material administration system. The picture on the correct half is an image from the “unsolved” #Cicada3301 Liber Primus puzzle of 2014. You can see an analogous set of hex embedded into the Cicada picture.

The PGP key— has some oddities. The file is on the massive dimension.. At nearly 10ok, it is a “big” key file.

Why would somebody need such an excellent-secret-additional-safe Key?? Let’s assume you’re a “Mockingbird Media” CIA contractor: You want to setup secret/safe communication with an asset/supply/handler. Plus larger the important thing, the tougher it needs to be to “crack”

Stego doesn’t occur on accident. Someone put that PGP Key in there deliberately…
Someone with entry to the NY Post’s web site/CMS.. Definite larger conspiracy occurring right here!