Is this giant nest Bigfoot’s lair? Footage captured in a Forest

700_f882a33e67aa0c49d0072bd57f7f1295Video of an intriguing covered nest-like structure found abandoned in Arizona is being hailed as a possible home of the legendary Bigfoot.

With a narrow entrance and hollowed inside, the lair is buried half under the ground in the wild woods of the Tonto National Forest on the Mogollon Rim.

Discovered in June of 2010 and featuring on Animal Planet’s current ‘Finding Bigfoot’ series, the footage of the large mysterious den unfortunately offers up little evidence that the fabled giant ape ever dwelt inside.

This unexplained structure in the forests around Arizona is believed by Bigfoot experts in the state to have housed the legendary ape-like creature

Filmed by Arizona researcher and Bigfoot expert Mitch Waite and his wife, Susan Farnsworth, the nest is reputed to be of the big-foot type creature called the Mogollon Monster, who crypto-zoologists believe inhabits the south west of the United States.

Sightings of the creature have been reported for decades by cowboys, drifters and forestry workers and some claim that the creature has attacked and mauled people.

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