Generators For New Orleans: What Is This All About? Sinkhole? Hurricane?

(UPDATED: NOV 8TH: I now believe these generators were for hurricane sandy, they knew in advanced that this storm would cause massive power outages and this could also give more fuel to the theory about hurricane sandy being controlled by Chemtrails/HAARP?)

Below you’ll see a video of a Home Depot store in Panama City, Florida, where an awful lot of generators are all lined up and ready to be shipped to New Orleans. What in the world are they preparing for? Do you think that this is something completely normal or is this preparation for a sinkhole disaster, an EMP or something else? This certainly does seem a bit strange to me though I guess it could all be quite normal. I decided to call a few Home Depot stores and check myself and I was informed that generally, three to four generators are kept in stock. Maybe this Panama City, Florida store has a glut of generators and all of these are overstock being shipped to the New Orleans’ Home Depot stores in case of another hurricane. What do you think?

This video was taken on 10/06/2012 at the Panama City, FL Home Depot. This Home Depot was a temporary drop off location of many generators that are destined for New Orleans. It was uncertain if they are stocking up for an upcoming emergency, such as the sinkhole.