Something Strange Is Happening With Gold

This opening statement  will surprise most readers, possibly scare off new ones, but it’s the truth.  Gold and silver are the most ridiculous investment sources I know of.  Neither metal pay a dividend or provides cash flow.  Once your money lands on gold or silver it usually stays put for a while which leaves most financial advisers scratching heads.  Having said that, we feel physical gold and silver ownership is as important now as ever before.  But the reason we recommend ownership is because of what some readers will see as strange.  Today we expose a strange gold trend.

Last month I completed my part of a yet to be named e-book based on a two month series of posts from The Prospector Site. On the advice from our co-author, this precious metal book is nothing more than simple reasons and ways to buy, own, store, and sell, gold and silver.  Everything you need to feel comfortable, and secure, about your first or next purchase is within the pages of this soon to be released book.  The odd part of it, the success of this book is not within its words but the message it provides.  Let me explain.

You have been doing something strange lately and we’ve noticed. Majority of new registrants, for our weekly recap newsletter, do so very late in the evening or very early in the morning.  This tells us some folks are losing sleep trying to figure out what the heck is going on with today’s crazy economy.For this awareness we congratulate you. But like Humpty Dumpty, all the president’s men can’t put our economy back together regardless how much  money thrown at it.  This really is no surprise to us, hopefully no surprise to you either, and certainly no surprise to gold or silver.

The movement into gold and silver is not about its investment power or wealth derived from it. It’s not about getting rich, it’s not about status, and it’s certainly not about keeping up with the Jones’. The trend to own gold is something entirely different but this difference is really nothing new at all.  What is driving gold, driving new readers to this very sight, are folks like you taking back control of your future (taking back control one ounce at a time). This is sweet music to our ears since this revaluation, economic revolution, has been a long time coming.

Folks are beginning to realize no one looks after your best interest like you do. Not a bigger government, not more central bank involvement, not more regulation, not more bailouts, and surely not more debt.  The trend to buy gold/silver is part of a bigger trend of modern-day independence.  People don’t read a site like this because we are good writers.  They read sites like this because we connect the dots of freedom and self-reliance.  Gold and silver play a major role in your future and independence so offering insight how to buy, what to own, and when to sell, only makes sense.