Guy releases top secret drone videos of Air Support missions in Afghanistan on Liveleak

imagesThere are a total of 11 videos on liveleak of Top Secret Drone Strike Missions In Afghanistan. The guy delete his account after he uploads these videos, interestingly enough I believe these originated from the deep web on a wikileaks page or something like that. But here a short description of the videos in order, but go to the link to view them. (It will take me too long to post)

#1- JDAMs level complex p1
#2- JDAMs level complex pt2
#3- Spotter with goats get blow to pieces
#4- Insurgent hideout destroyed
#5- Insurgents planting IED get blown up
#6- Insurgents planting IED
#7- Insurgents planting IED hit with JDAM
#8- Taliban village bombed
#9- Village again
#10- Guy tries to out run JDAM
#11- JDAMs on patrolling taliban

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